The Nokia E63

Nokia E63

We know well how smart the Finns is in its offers, and its latest E63, which is being named as a budget version of the E71, is an ample proof of Nokia’s smartness. One nice thing is that you will find all the significant stuff of E71 and even in improved form.

The thing, which is being expected as a key selling point of the E63 is its nice QWERTY keyboard that is somewhat wider than you have seen in its predecessor. Similarly, you will find the keys a bit larger than in the E71.

Just like the E71, it is also quite easy to use with its rounded rubberized plastic keys. It has an as easy set up push e-mail account as you have might have seen in the BlackBerry and it can easily work with all the key email standards including Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo . It also has a keyboard that looks much alike of BlackBerry.

When it comes to overall look and appearance, the E63 looks somewhat cheaper than the E71, as it feels plasticy while the E71 has a nice metal skin. Though the E63 manages to shed one gram, it looks somewhat thicker than the E71.

It features microSD memory card slot, micro USB port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, but it doesn’t have nay volume buttons and you need to use its D-pad to make some call and listen media.

The available web browser is really workable and you can easily what you really want to do with least style and maximum practicality. Address bar, zooming and other keyword based searches can be done through shortcuts with its numeric keypad.

It lets you have 3G access to the web, but the E71 faster HSDPA connection is missing here. It also has Wi-Fi for accessing broadband networks.

When it comes to camera, it is really disappointing, as it’s just of 2mp that feels quite underpowered. Media player also seems ordinary and the onboard memory is just of 110MB, but it can be expanded up to 8GB with microSD card.

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