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Most Users’ Rated Best Android Tablets 2010 – 2011

Have to admit, the Android Tablet battle is heating up! With a slew of Tablet PCs based on the Android platform hitting the market one after another, this is an exciting time for computer buyers. Take a look at Users’ Rated Best Android Tablets for 2010 – 2011.

Best Android Tablets for 2011

Ever since the Google baby came into the market, things have never been the same again. Yes, it is the Android OS we are talking about. In the recent months, Android has got better and better and a whole lot of smartphones and computers have been built upon this Google platform. The market is already flooded with a range of Android based tablet computers. And with many tech bigwigs announcing their own Google Android tablets, there is likely to be even more options to buy android tablets in the coming days.

With so many choices available it has become truly tough to decide which one is the best. We have depended on user ratings on various tech sites to know which are the best Android Tablets to buy in the marqee. Here are some of the best android tablet PCs as per users’ ratings.

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8 Best Android Tablets

A lot of anticipation and enthusiasm greeted the launch of the Apple iPad. It was supposed to be the ultimate device that made computing easier than never before. Trust science to make you never say never again. Within months of the iPad launch, a number of tablet computers have hit the market. Based on the Android platform, these are expected to take your computing beyond the iPad experience. Check out the 8 best Android tablets available today.

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