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Kindle Fire Review

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has taken the tablet world by storm, replacing the beloved Amazon Kindle as the go-to tablet for today’s multimedia enthusiast on the go. With a full color touchscreen, dual-core processor, and free cloud storage for all Amazon content, it’s no wonder the Kindle Fire is today’s choice for a better all-purpose tablet at nearly half the cost of the Kindle DX.
The Kindle Fire: Gorgeous Colors Bring Multimedia to Life
The Kindle Fire is slim and lightweight. It’s a breeze to carry in your hand, weighing in at a slight 14.6 ounces. The tablet itself is 7.5-inches by 4.7-inches by 0.45-inches, so it won’t fit in your back pocket; but it is very unobtrusive on the bus, the plane or on the long car rides. This tablet has a 7-inch multi-touch touchscreen display, with some of the most vibrant colors on the touchscreen market, at 1024 by 600 pixel resolution at 169ppi, 16 million colors. All of that vibrancy is contained behind a screen treated with an anti-reflective, so that you can enjoy longer hours of use with lesser chance of eye strain.
The Kindle Fire: Cloud Storage Means the Possibilities are Endless
The best part about the Kindle Fire is that it is completely wireless, making it the best portable option when you’re traveling anywhere wireless is available. It has an 8GB internal storage device, of which 6GB is actually available to load up on as many apps, movies, songs and books as you can fit. You’ll be loading up a lot, because the Kindle Fire comes with an offer of free cloud storage for all Amazon content. That gives buyers almost limitless storage capacity. With a battery capacity of up to 8 hours for low-level reading or 7.5 hours for video playback, you’ll never need to worry about having to frequently recharge this table from an outlet with the included US power adapter or your computer via USB.
The Kindle Fire: Easy to Set-Up, Easy to Browse
Reviewers are wowed by just how easy it is to set up the Kindle Fire. Just plug it in, set up WIFI and your Amazon account, let any updates download and install, and you’re on your way within 10 minutes. No complicated instructions or configurations to handle. The Kindle Fire does come with a Quick Start Guide in case you need help, but most reviewers found the Kindle Fire simple and easy to set up. Several reviewers were impressed by how quickly the Kindle Fire was able to download, with most complete books downloading within 3 to 4 seconds, and larger books downloading within 5 seconds. Apps and video also download very quickly with the Kindle Fire. When you want to actually use those books, apps and videos, the Kindle Fire doesn’t fail there, either. Amazon includes a special web browser called Silk, and many reviewers have found it to be nice and user-friendly. Reviewers are pleased with how responsive and fast the touch screen is, so you can get where you need to go and play your favorite apps without noticeable finger lag or stuttering. Connectivity to websites is also pretty fast. Reviewers are divided on the state of the Kindle Fire’s ability to reproduce sound, however for a small package with so many other great pluses the Kindle Fire’s speakers are acceptable.
The Kindle Fire: The Right Tablet Right Now
Reviewers overwhelmingly recommend the Kindle Fire as the multimedia tablet of choice. Easy to hold, easy to carry, easy to use. Buy your Kindle Fire today.
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