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Samsung Intercept Review

The Samsung Intercept is a mid-level smartphone that provides a good option for those looking for an Android device on Sprint. Coming almost a year after the Samsung Moment, this device is not as great as the HTC Evo 4G or the Samsung Moment but still contains plenty of features, making it a decent choice for those who would like to use a smartphone without having to pay much. This is what it offers.

Samsung Intercept Review

Samsung Intercept Design and Quality

The Samsung Intercept comes with a conventional look, with similarities that can be spotted with the Samsung Acclaim and Samsung Moment. However, it looks smarter than the Samsung Moment. This phone has rounded edges, smooth chrome-plated sides and fits easily in the hand. The Samsung Intercept also feels quite sturdy. The front of the phone, under the screen, contains four capacitive keys: Menu, Home, Back and Search. There is also a square select button that functions as an optical trackpad too. The 3.2″ WQVGA display makes the text appear a bit unclear but otherwise it is generally quite bright. While the right side of the Samsung Intercept contains the 3.5mm headphone jack and camera button, the left houses the volume rocker and microSD slot.

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