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iPhone OS 4.0 Looms, But When Will We See It?

iPhone OS 4.0

Everyone expects Apple to come up with something great every year as far as the mobile phone industry is concerned. So along with the new models that one is expecting Apple to come up with this year, their new Operating System for handsets is something however that Apple has been promising fans for a long time- iPhone OS 4.0. This new version is supposed to be able to support multi tasking as one of the biggest features of the software that has got everybody excited.

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60 percent businesses have no plan to adopt Windows 7, survey shows

There are many who have skipped Windows Vista, but a considerable number of businesses are not willing to move to Windows 7 instantly, at least the results of a new survey suggest so.

In the survey, in which feedback from over 1000 IT administration was received, show that nearly 60 percent businesses have no plan to adopt Windows 7. Scrip Logic was the company who conducted that survey in which 1000 responses were received out of 20,000 survey that were distributed.

Nearly one third of survey respondent told that they were planning to deploy by the end of next year, and nearly 5.4% said that they are considering moving to Windows 7 by the end of this year. Nearly 60% responded said that they had no plans at that time, however, there are chances that some of them would move to the new OS.

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Simpler Choices: Microsoft announces Windows 7 versions

With the claims of providing simpler choices to their customers, Microsoft has just announced its different versions of Windows 7 officially.

Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Home Premium are the two main versions about which the Software maker looks quite keen to talk about, but you shouldn’t think that only few versions are out there, as there are 5 in UK and 6 worldwide. Aside from that there are some nice implications for netbooks as well.

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Toshiba unveils its TG01 smartphone

Though the World Mobile Conference is still weeks away, Toshiba has shown off its TG01 smartphone to stand out in WMC. The TG01 Snapdragon powered smartphone is being hyped as a true competitor for Apple’s iPhone’s realm.

The TG01 smartphone features a 4.1” touchscreen, VGA resolution and 1GHz Snapdragon processor. You may wonder that it cov

ers all that in just one Cm thickness.

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Linux On Acer SSD Version 10-inch Netbook Confirmed

On Friday details of 10 inch Aspire One were given by Acer.
The said netbook is having Windows XP as OS and the hard drive provides 160 GB storage capacity.

It was told on Wednesday by a spokesman of Acer that they are planning to bring the 10 inches Aspire with Linux. He said, Acer Aspire One “will be available with XP or Linux, and HDD or SSD”.

This way it has been confirmed that Linux will be having Linpus distribution. The netbook will have a capacity of 16GB SSD. It is noticeable that the initial versions of this netbook will not be coming with this newly decided feature change.

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