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Nokia 808 Pureview – Future Camera Wrapped in the Smartphone

Nokia has recently announced the specifications of its much-anticipated 808 PureView smart phone. It boasts latest Symbian Bella OS, 4-inch high quality display screen, 41-megapixel massive camera and many other advanced features. Also, its advanced sensor is paired with new five-component Carl Zeiss lens supported by a refreshed flash with twice the strength as noticed in Nokia N8.
Nokia has concentrated more than 5 years in developing the PureView technology for smartphones which you can clearly notice it in 808 handsets. Most of the smart phone space is occupied by the camera itself which has some negative effect on the overall style of the handset. The device feels bulky at 13.9mm thickness and most of the phone’s back is covered by the 41 MP sensor, effective Xenon flash, Carl Zeiss optics support and the loud-speaker.

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