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Nexus S Vs iPhone 4 – Comparing 2 Best Smartphones

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The smartphone competition is really on and all cell phone manufacturers are in the race to put forward their best smartphones to claim the market position. However, this has only been a blessing to the customers who are receiving a wide range of choices as more and more smartphones are launched every month. Of course, smartphones have to be smart enough to handle everything that the customers want, but not all smartphones provide the kind of satisfaction that the users are looking for.

Nexus S Vs iPhone 4

This year many smartphones were launched in the market, but Nexus S by Google and Samsung and Apple iPhone 4 were among the top smartphones that gained maximum public attention. Let’s take a quick look at both of these top smartphones and see which one has the upper hand.

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Top 12 Apps for Google Nexus S

The world of smartphone is really growing by leaps and bounds and there is no doubt that in few next years we might see completely new set of smartphones being launched in the market which are quite smarter than the smartphones that we used today. Google along with Samsung is now coming up with Google Nexus S which is the next generation smartphone that works on the latest Android platform known as Gingerbread. The smartphone has 1 GHz Hummingbird processor and 16 GB of memory to let you do more. However, since it is Android-based phones consumers are looking forward to special apps that will let them do more. Here are top 12 apps for Google Nexus S.

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Nexus S with Gingerbread Technology

Cell phones are really taking off to the next level now as we can do end number of things with it. Although, primarily cell phones were made for calls and messages but today you cannot think of walking out of your house with a cell phone because it has so many other applications attached to it that can help you out in your practical world.

Nexus S

The introduction of Android platform has really been one step forward for all the people who wanted to do more with cell phones. Today, Android platform cell phones are really in demand in the market and to make the competition tougher Samsung and Google are now coming up with their latest product called as Nexus S.

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