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64 GB iPod Touch from Apple

The 64 GB iPod from Apple with their new players is being released this month itself. The new design is called Nano with its large screen and quite great Zune player coming over it self. This new version is all about surfacing some of the possible versions of a loaded 64 GB iPod Touch that will come to be released this month itself.

However there are certain drawbacks to this model with not enough storage space coming with it. The 64 GB storage space is however quite a media portable device. People who want an upgrade in their iPod can shift to this new version.

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Console-quality graphics for iPhone 3GS

The new games in the iPhone 3GS are going to feature some really impressive graphics that will offer weather effects as well as feature enhanced shading with loads of other impressive features.

A leading mobile gaming developer says that they will offer fast, smooth and better packing for more than one player. Dean Bilotti, who is a specialist iPhone coder at the mobile games development studio, says about the available games in the new iPhone 3GS that he is quite excited about the graphical improvements, enhanced processor speed and offers for multiplayer.

According to Dean Bilotti the most exciting feature of the new iPhone is its new graphic chip that really makes the gaming experience quite amazingly exceptional and gives gamers all that stuff that they usually look for in a nice gaming console, but here now they will be able to enjoy games in their cell phones and in the same passion and vigor, they did in front of their gaming console.

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O2 beats rivals to iPhone 3GS exclusivity

The new version of the iPhone the 3GS has raised some speculations in the market there is a tough competition between Vodafone, Orange and this time it will not be O2. But O2 confirmed to tech radar that it will be the exclusive provider of the coming release of the iPhone.

The new version is about to get released on June 19th but still no prices are announced legitimately.

O2 has also announced that it will be supporting tethering and MMS in the current release of iPhone 3GS. The users have to pay a premium for internet tethering bolt and this varies according to the download limit the user chooses.

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