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The Power of Google Instant, Now in Your Pocket

Google Instant on Mobile Devices

In 1998, when Google was a mere search engine displaying results at just 60% accuracy, it was still the best of its kind.  In 2010, Google is more than just a simple search engine. It is the heart & brain of internet where people go to if they want to find anything they need. Now, imagine the same search engine available to you at just the press of a button.

Yes, we’re talking about Google Instant, the super fast search engine technology that Google has recently come up with.

What is Google Instant?

A few months back, if you type something in Google it shows up suggestions you’re looking for. But now you don’t even have to press the search button. Incredibly quick at bringing you results, the Google SE can show up result pages as and when you type.

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Gets Results As You Type In Google with Google Instant

Google Instant

Google the world leader in the search engine is here again with its advanced search engine providing a well advanced and faster place to search information from. The basic aim of Google Instant is making the search faster as well as easier. This week they are releasing two of their new enhancements to make their commitment for a better search portal hold true. Firstly Google has introduced the keyboard navigation which helps us to explore the instant search results which is there along with several search features on the left panel on the results page which includes videos, News, Blogs, Books, Discussions, and Updates.

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