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Sony Ericsson Satio – Review

Sony Ericsson Satio

This is the 12.1 MP with all the hype that has been bringing a lot of enthusiasm that has been launched by Sony Ericsson. The Satio phone is totally in the guise of Idou with the packaging of some of the greatest gadgetry with the ability to lure customers through its great OS use. There are different ways to reach through the branding along with leading edge leaders about the cameraphone along with multimedia usage.

These are technological advancements that are bringing forth different forms interesting features to make your experience even more fruitful. There are Cybershot brands that have put together lots of qualities from the Satio with the leading industry camera along with full range multimedia playback options. There are Symbian S60 5the edition to bring in to boot as well. The overall handset looks extraordinarily cute with some of the greatest sections to be bolted back with the little chunkier bits of the phone.

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Researcher on Hacking Reveals New Dilemma with iPhone

Hacktivist researcher Charlie Miller has now unveiled for all to see the kind of SMS hacking that can be done through iPhones. This new research has been put up for all to be noticed that iPhones are no longer safe for all purposes. The research has been revealed through Black Hat conference.

The flaw is obvious. A hacker gets in through the iPhone with the access to get any and all information that might be within the phone. This can be phone camera, browser details, history, SMS, address log and all other information stored inside.

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