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Blackberry Bold 9780 Review

The Blackberry Bold 9780 is an offering from RIM that is sure to get customers excited. For one, it makes use of the Blackberry 6 operating system and applications are seen running faster than ever on this phone. Presented in both black and white, the 9780 is a follow up from the 9700 model and though there are some common features, the phone ensures a new bold experience.

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Blackberry Bold 9650 Review

Blackberry Bold 9650

The Blackberry Bold 9650 announced in 2010, supporting both CDMA and GSM networks is a phone that offers much to users. Though it is named Bold, it is closer to the Blackberry Tour. With 3G network support, this model makes it possible to easily remain in touch with family and friends.

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 (Bold 2) A Review

Bold 9700

The New Blackberry Bold 9700 has unique stylish high quality features. The main bold change introduced is the shift from the ball sensor to optic track-pad that gives quick navigation with prolonged life. The new launch has literally swept the market by its design and technology advantage. This appealing pocket size phone offers all the solutions the present day busy business man who desires to stay updated and organized. This beautiful sleek gadget provides easy connectivity to internet and the multi media systems with more convenience than before.

The Design and Quality

The Bold 9700 resembles Blackberry’s delicate handset Curve 8900. They both have the same dimensions for a pocket size set. Bold 9700 is well trimmed with thick chrome linings on the front and back and smart thin rails on the sides. The side panels are thin. The black soft plastic used on the different parts, repel finger marks. All the sophisticated mechanism is set into a full leather wrapped black case. The black leather patch on the battery door matches with the rest finish. The great quality outlook presented is of executive style and is all different.

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