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Motorola Xoom Review

Motorola Xoom

As the first Android 3.0 tablet to enter the market, the Motorola Xoom has been much awaited. With a sleek appearance boasting of a huge touchscreen and many interesting features and applications, Motorola Xoom is sure to be a coveted item till it is surpassed by other devices.

Android 3.0: What’s new?

With the Android 3, also known as Honeycomb, the Motorola Xoom is estimated to be the best Android phone so far, rated above the Dell Streak series. The Android 3.0, specially designed for large screens makes operations work much faster. Widgets on the home screen help in flipping through the contents. The user interface is also friendlier and provides an enhanced 3D experience.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. iPad

Apple iPad has finally met its nemesis is one of the best android tablets available in the market today. One of its main competitors is from the mobile giant Samsung. The iPad was released in April 2010 and is a tablet computer that was developed, designed and marketed by Apple as a portable platform for various audio visual media. The popularity of this gadget was such that just within 60 days of its release Apple had sold 2 million devices. This unique device offers you the best of a Smartphone, laptop, gaming console as well as your iPod in a single device.

The Samsung Galaxy tablet is a fine android based tablet that was released in September 2010. Ever since its release the Samsung Galaxy Tablet has been a serious competitor to Apple’s iPad.

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Most Users’ Rated Best Android Tablets 2010 – 2011

Have to admit, the Android Tablet battle is heating up! With a slew of Tablet PCs based on the Android platform hitting the market one after another, this is an exciting time for computer buyers. Take a look at Users’ Rated Best Android Tablets for 2010 – 2011.

Best Android Tablets for 2011

Ever since the Google baby came into the market, things have never been the same again. Yes, it is the Android OS we are talking about. In the recent months, Android has got better and better and a whole lot of smartphones and computers have been built upon this Google platform. The market is already flooded with a range of Android based tablet computers. And with many tech bigwigs announcing their own Google Android tablets, there is likely to be even more options to buy android tablets in the coming days.

With so many choices available it has become truly tough to decide which one is the best. We have depended on user ratings on various tech sites to know which are the best Android Tablets to buy in the marqee. Here are some of the best android tablet PCs as per users’ ratings.

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8 Best Android Tablets

A lot of anticipation and enthusiasm greeted the launch of the Apple iPad. It was supposed to be the ultimate device that made computing easier than never before. Trust science to make you never say never again. Within months of the iPad launch, a number of tablet computers have hit the market. Based on the Android platform, these are expected to take your computing beyond the iPad experience. Check out the 8 best Android tablets available today.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab to be launched on Sunday, November 21

Samsung Galaxy Tab

US’s leading telephony service provider AT&T Inc and the Samsung Telecommunications America have announced that they will launch Samsung Galaxy Tab on November 21, 2010. Samsung Galaxy Tab is equipped with Android 2.2 platform and has a 7 inch TFT touch screen. Some of the other features of the mobile tablet is is 1GHZ Hummingbird application processor and a support for Adobe Flash Player 10.1. The phone also has dual cameras alongside with Samsung’s own content service which has an exclusive list of acclaimed movies   and TV Programming.

Galaxy Tab has been introduced just when the holiday season is round the corner and is priced at US$ 649.99. Consumers can buy the phone at more than 2,200 stores owned by AT&T and can also purchase it online via

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Samsung’s Crystal Tablet PC makes a remarkable entry – The Galaxy Tab is now on sale

Samsung’s Crystal Tablet PC

The limited edition, exclusive and highly posh Samsung Galaxy tab is on sale at Harrods. The Galaxy tab is a piece of wonderful gadget that appreciates technological aspects as well as the unique craftsmanship that has made it a special tablet device.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

The Galaxy tab is a tablet PC from Samsung, the giant electronic device manufacturer, which has crystals embedded onto it in a unique way such that whenever or wherever you place the hand on the device your fingers will be perfectly placed on those. Its detailed and precise placement of crystals on the outside of this device has made it one exclusive tablet device for professionals. If you’re a lover of the tablet PC, then it’s a must buy for you.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab – iPad’s Competitor?

Apple Inc. better watch out! The Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC has just come out and it is promising to give the Apple iPad a run for its money.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab, dubbed as Samsung Tablet PC, was unveiled on 2nd September, 2010 at the IFA electronics trade fair in the German capital city Berlin. In the words of Thomas Richter, telecom executive of Samsung Europe division, the Galaxy Tab offers “a new galaxy of possibilities” to its users. But the question is – can it overtake its closest rival Apple iPad? A cursory look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab specs gave a good clue.

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