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Apple iPhone 4 Review Good and Bad, but not Ugly

Since the Apple iPhone 4 was released several months ago, telephone connoisseurs have now had enough time to assess both the good and the bad about it, and there’s a bit of both to review here. Costs have come down a little, and there are some significant improvements, yet a discriminating buyer must make an individual judgment call as to whether the iPhone 4 merits the attention it has been receiving lately.

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Nexus S Vs iPhone 4 – Comparing 2 Best Smartphones

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The smartphone competition is really on and all cell phone manufacturers are in the race to put forward their best smartphones to claim the market position. However, this has only been a blessing to the customers who are receiving a wide range of choices as more and more smartphones are launched every month. Of course, smartphones have to be smart enough to handle everything that the customers want, but not all smartphones provide the kind of satisfaction that the users are looking for.

Nexus S Vs iPhone 4

This year many smartphones were launched in the market, but Nexus S by Google and Samsung and Apple iPhone 4 were among the top smartphones that gained maximum public attention. Let’s take a quick look at both of these top smartphones and see which one has the upper hand.

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Apple iPhone 4 – Review

Apple iPhone 4

Apple’s iPhone have always made much noise in the market, thanks to their exquisite features. Every year the company has been in news for launching iPhones. Though the launch of iPhone 4 may not make you go wild, still the phone hosts enough in it which makes it another great product coming out from Apple’s factory. Read below to know more about the latest offering from Apple.

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Shanghai and Beijing to get New Apple Retail Stores

An announcement came from Apple on the 19th of September stating that Apple iPhone 4 will now be available for its customers in China as well. The new iPhone 4 will be available in the APlle Retail Stores all across China from Saturday 25th of September 2010 from 8:00AM, which includes the new Apple Store at the Hong Kong Plaza in Shanghai and Xidan Joy City in Beijing. With a new 2 year contract the iPhone 4 will also be available in the China Unicom retail stores from Saturday.

The dream for video chatting comes to reality with the feature of the app FaceTime which has been included in the new Apple iPhone. It also sports the new stunning Retina display of Apple which is the highest resolution display ever featured on any of the phones till date. The iPhone 4 also sports an inbuilt 5 mega pixel camera having a LED flash which could also be used for video recording. The phone also features the Apple’s A4 processor, 40% longer talk time and a 3-axis gyro. This is the thinnest smartphone available today around the world featuring all new design with glass & stainless steel as cover. It has the newest version of the world’s advanced mobile operating system i.e. iOS 4 which has 100s of new features. Apple’s new revolutionary App Store gives access for more than 250,000 apps which includes the new iMovie specially designed for iPhone 4.

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Apple’s Response in Regards to iPhone 4

The Apple iPhone 4 has been one of the most successful products that have been launched in the history of Apple. Reviewers from around the globe have found it to be one of the most accessible smartphones ever. The different utilities that have come with phone have been loved and received through greater receptions. There have been ongoing investments regarding the learning facilities and different investigation modes with the phone. It has some key usages which are all very exciting. There are proper receptions to the phone that can be used by one or more bars. The iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the Droid have been serving clients through these processes. They are also similar with Nokia and RIM phones.

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