Sony Ericsson Text Pro Review

The Sony Ericsson Text Pro with a full QWERTY slide-out keyboard is the brand new Android smartphone that has been designed for easier social networking. Thanks to its dedicated Friends application, sharing Twitter and Facebook updates is going to be a breeze with the Text Pro. In keeping with its goal of making social networking easier, Sony went with an online promotional blitz, and had first announced the Text Pro on Facebook, directly targeting its virtual fan base of 5 million people worldwide.


  • Runs on Android 2.3 OS
  • Powered by an 800 MHz processor
  • Capacitive touch-screen display
  • 3.2 mega pixels camera, video player/recording
  • Music player, FM radio with 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Internal memory and external memory support
  • Social networking integration (Facebook Smartphone app and Twitter Smartphone app), instant messaging & Email support
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth stereo (A2DP)
  • USB Standard rechargeable battery
  • Measures 93 x 52 x 18 mm
  • Weighs100gms.
  • 3 inch touch screen display with 240 x 400 pixels resolutions
  • Display features include a scratch-resistant surface
  • Single-touch input method
  • Proximity sensor for auto turn-off, and accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate.
  • 100 MB internal memory with 64 MB RAM
  • Card slot for microSD which can go up to as high as 32 GB

Sony Ericsson Text Pro: Software and Applications

Powered by PNX-4910 processor, the Text Pro provides good support for GPRS, EDGE, WLAN, Bluetooth and USB. Enhanced internet connectivity can be experienced thanks to the GPRS support, while the Text Pro’s GPS support can help the user with navigation while looking for an address. The 3.5mm jack comes in very handy when there is a need to connect the phone to speakers, and good audio quality can be expected. The 3.2 mega pixels camera with 2048×1536 pixels resolution offers quality pictures and is helpful when the user wants to record videos. The USB offers flexibility in terms of transferring files, while the standard Li-ion 1000 mAh battery gives back up of up to 400 hrs when in standby mode, and up to 5 hours when in talk time mode.

Sony Ericsson Text Pro Application Features

Coming to the most prominent and arguably the best feature of the Text Pro, the 4-row QWERTY keyboard on this phone may be small in size, but the buttons are placed in a way that most hands should find it comfortable enough to operate. The buttons need a little time to get adjusted to in terms of the pressure needed to press them, but once the user gets the hang of it, there shouldn’t be a problem. The side sliding mechanism of the Text pro’s keyboard is built solid, as it is a given that common users would definitely take to opening and closing it all day long. The design element has taken that into consideration, though the clicking sound that accompanies could have been a tad quieter. On the front of the Text Pro’s keyboard is the signature feature of all recent handsets from Sony Ericsson – a half-circle home button that has been placed there for instant brand recognition.

Sony Ericsson Text Pro: The Drawbacks

After the praises and flattering reviews the only major drawback of the Text Pro is the lack of 3G multimedia service. In addition to the excellent GPRS/EDGE and Wifi support the phone comes with a built in internet browser. Hold your horses now- this internet browsing on the textpro might not be a palatable experience as you expect. The phone has increased lag time during pages and gets divided into several sub pages causing the whole surfing experience to be highly complex. Also, the double tap and multitouch settings along with zoom in and out get disabled when browsing the internet. There is no getting around this drawback- face it this phone would be a perfect tech gadget if Sony was able to fix the browsing issue.

The Verdict

The Text Pro has truly been designed for the young user of today who lives in the virtual world. The Sony Ericsson website says that with the Text Pro, “making your friends the centre of attention couldn’t be easier.” That is exactly what the Friends apps are supposed to do – help the user add five friends whose Facebook status updates and Twitter one-liners can be seen at a glance. The Drag and drop feature allows the placing of applications as and where desired, thus leading to a customized homepage. Other features included in the Text Pro are picture wallpaper, timer, stopwatch, flight mode, calculator, alarm clock, Outlook, Google Talk, Bluetooth technology, picture messaging, and Track ID music recognition, among others.

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  1. rj dimapilis September 2, 2011 at 8:17 am #

    it said here in runs on Android 2.3, but why in the Philippines or mostly in the SonyEricsson site, it doesn’t run on Android?!

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