Samsung Galaxy Tab – iPad’s Competitor?

Apple Inc. better watch out! The Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC has just come out and it is promising to give the Apple iPad a run for its money.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab, dubbed as Samsung Tablet PC, was unveiled on 2nd September, 2010 at the IFA electronics trade fair in the German capital city Berlin. In the words of Thomas Richter, telecom executive of Samsung Europe division, the Galaxy Tab offers “a new galaxy of possibilities” to its users. But the question is – can it overtake its closest rival Apple iPad? A cursory look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab specs gave a good clue.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Looks

The Galaxy Tab comes with a 7 inch touchscreen, smaller than the 9.7 inch Apple iPad display. But at only 0.8 pounds it is a lot leaner than the 1.5 pound iPad.  The slim device offers a 1024×600 WSVGA screen resolution. It is equipped with two cameras – a 1.3 MP camera at the front and a 3 MP camera at the back. The 190 x 120 x 12 mm model is available in black. It is not known if the device will be available in any other color.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Hardware

The device boasts of 512MB RAM and a powerful Cortex A8 1Ghz processor along with PowerVR SGX540. It has 16 GB or 32 GB internal memory capacity. The microSD slot makes its memory extendable by 32 GB.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Software

The device runs on the Google Android 2.2 operating system. This lets the Galaxy Tab run Adobe Flash Player and HTML5, unlike the iPad. Apple seems to be oblivious to the Flash needs of its users. This is where Galaxy Tab scores.

The device also arrives with a third party application called Swype. It permits users to type on the pads virtual keyboard by swiping fingers from one letter to another. Fingers have to be lifted only when a new word is to be typed. Much comfortable typing, it must be said. The Swype also shows users with word suggestion based on a smart algorithm. There is also Office Tools. The iPad lacks both of these handy applications.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Camera

The Galaxy Tab comes fitted with two cameras that can be used for two different purposes. The 1.3 MP front camera is perfect for video conferencing. The 3MP camera at the rear is flash-enabled and lets you shoot photos even in low lit surroundings. The Samsung Tablet PC comes with Auto-Focus and LED, an area where the iPad clearly lags behind.  The iPad lacks these camera innovations, especially the video-conferencing capability for which it has earned a fair share of brickbats. But it must be mentioned that the Galaxy has not done anything unique. The dual-camera facility is also available in other tablets, such as the Streak Tablet PC from Dell.

Samsung Galaxy Networking Capabilities

The Samsung tablet offers solid networking capabilities to users. There is WIFI, Bluetooth 3.0 and 3G with HSUPA 5.76 and HSDPA 7.2Mbps. Users will be able to browse the internet and check their e-mail just as in a PC. A notable feature of the Galaxy is its voice call feature, a facility that is absent in the iPad. It virtually takes tablet users into a new galaxy with this facility.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Battery

Samsung has assured that the 4000 mAH battery of Galaxy tablet would support over eight hours of constant multimedia usage at a stretch. That equals to about seven hours of continuous video playing. This is lower than the iPod battery backup that provides Apple users with about 10 hours of uninterrupted video playback.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Price

Information about the price of Samsung Galaxy Tab is still unavailable. If trade press reports are to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy Tab cost can be anywhere around 699 Euros (in France) or 799 Euros (in Germany). The price of Samsung Galaxy Tab in the US is still unclear. The iPad is available in the United States at around 499 dollars. Samsung has to keep its Galaxy Tab price lower if it wants to cut into the iPod market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy Tab launch date in the UK is 1st November, 2010. It is not known when the model will be officially released in the US. But it will be available through major US wireless carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-mobile.

Final Take

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has clearly made advancement over iPad, the much hyped Apple winner. True to its name, the Galaxy Tab offers users a galaxy of opportunities. Even though Apple is a winner with its bigger screen size and battery performance, the lightweight Galaxy Tab is going to stun users with its advanced camera functionality, voice call facility and flash support. Along with the Samsung Galaxy Tab phone, it is sure to create a storm in the market from end-2010.

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One Response to Samsung Galaxy Tab – iPad’s Competitor?

  1. ipad application development November 11, 2010 at 11:01 am #

    Indeed, Samsung has created a worthy competitor to the Apple iPad. I really like the technical specifications and the design of the Galaxy Tab. As for me, it has some advantages over the Apple tablet. I like its size, and also I like that it has a built-in GSM-module, so it can be used as a phone, unlike the iPad.

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