Print Without Ink! Dell Launches inkless Printer: Wasabi

Dell has launched an inkless printer named Wasabi PZ310, which is compatible with iPhone. The mini is just 4.8 inches x 2.8 inches x 0.9 inches in size and weighs only 7 ounces.

This remarkable product is for those who use their mobile phone other than calls and messages. Wasabi is attached/connected with a mobile set or a laptop through USB or Bluetooth. It can take the printout of pictures in 2 inches x 3 inches.

Apart from its remarkably small size, its unique feature is that it is an inkless printer. Instead of ink, the printer uses Zinc imaging technique to sketch the print. The image or picture is sketched by embedding the paper with special yellow, cyan dye and magenta crystals. For this process, particular areas of the paper are heated up by the printer to imprint the picture.

Wendy Caswell, president of Zink Imaging remarked about the product and said, “The Dell Wasabi is the fourth product available using the Zink technology, with many more on the way, including those capable of making larger prints.”

The printer is now available in the market for sale. It is priced as $99 or 68 pounds, which is a promotional price tag; quite reasonable and accessible. After the promotional period, its regular price will be $149, i.e. 103 pounds.

Wasabi PZ310 is a unique and innovative product which many people were wishing to see for a long time. With Wasabi, new doors for inventions have been opened.

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2 Responses to Print Without Ink! Dell Launches inkless Printer: Wasabi

  1. Anonymous July 25, 2011 at 5:14 pm #

    Dell’s this printer does not require any ink to print. You can give print from your phone via Bluetooth. However, this does not work with everyone’s cell phone, so make sure phone is compatible or not. Printer quality is decent, depending on your print.Means If you will Print from camera phone is better than phone.

  2. Anonymous July 27, 2011 at 4:38 am #

    It can be Easily established. I did not notice all the features of advantages, but I believe They would be great too. I Would recommend this printer to anyone shopping for a new Printer.

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