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Microsoft And NASA Together Peeping Through The Telescope

Microsoft and NASA have today proclaimed that they will be working in collaboration to provide planetary images online. They will be making these images and data available on Microsoft’s virtual space viewing software ‘WorldWide Telescope’.

After this accord, NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, will be doing the processing and hosting of 100+ terabytes of data. The data will be integrated through 2009 by WorldWide. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter i.e. MRO and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter i.e. LRO will be handling imagery after the data is made public, planned to begin coming autumn.

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RS 4200 headphones: An unusual design but great performance


The RS 4200 is an unbelievably lightweight headphones set that has been specifically designed to make TV sound a real joyful experience without creating any disturbance for others when you need to turn the volume up. However, you can also use these headphones with hi-fi. The nicest thing is that it’s wireless and you can easily move here and there without tumbling over any cable around. The signals are so sound as they can travel through outdoors, walls and ceiling within 100m range.

With its colored ports and cables, you would find these headphones quite easy to use without any hassle.

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Keep Your Pictures Hidden! Facebook Bug Can Steal Them

Today Facebook users were bugged with a flaw of their pictures being distributed without their knowledge. We can’t get any details about the resolve of the problem and the particulars of the problem, from Facebook.

Bugged Wall Posts

The famous social network, Facebook is renowned for the considerably high levels of security and privacy it provides to its members. Facebook users have the facility to select the allowed users/members/friends to access their personal informations like profile by seeing their ‘Walls’. They can also limit the access to photos and personal videos.

With this bug, users were able temporarily to bypass the limited ‘Friends Lists’. This gave a breach in the ‘walls’ of the Wall Posts and turned out as rights violation.

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Google Voice Launching; Using GrandCentral as Base

Google Voice

Google is planning the launch of Google Voice pretty soon with its preview presently available. Google Voice is a GrandCentral project which was worked on almost for the past 2 years.

GrandCentral was acquired by Google in July 2007 and has been relaunched with new features and facilities. The 21 months time has been consumed in the tip to toe rebuild and refinement, which in other cases takes an average time of 16 months.

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Mobile internet use gets double in a year

New figures show that use of cell phone devices to access internet has got double within a year.  These comScore’s latest stats show that nearly 63.2m people worldwide are using cell phone devices to get internet access and nearly 35% out of them use mobile devices for this purpose almost daily.

According to the figures, which were noted in 08, nearly 11m people were using their mobile phones or other such devices every day to have internet access. And now after one year, these numbers have climbed up to over 22m.

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Is There A DRM Built In Chip In The New iPod Shuffle?

Recently a chip has been discovered inside the new iPod Shuffle headphones. It is thought that this chip is a necessary device for the headphones to work.

It is also known that the chip will be licensed to a third party manufacturer. These headphones of course will not work in the absence of this chip. The new iPhone headphones also are integrated with remote and mic.

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3G iPod Shuffle Comes With USB Plug

Apple iPod shuffle introduced this week came with many features and add -on; USB plug. This add-on has been welcomed with a lot of criticism.

The USB plug, the 1st add-on has been manufactured by Dexim, a Chinese firm. This USB plug allows adding a USB connector directly to the player to charge up the iPod Shuffle. It is basically fulfils the purpose of file transfer.

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INQI Facebook phone from 3

INQI Facebook Phone

Three’s INQI Facebook phone is an absolutely right choice for those who are looking for a phone tightly packed with loads of software, that can easily connect to different social networks and offers tons of other nice features. Though it can’t be called a true smartphone, yet you will find an array of really handy features.

As we can expect a 2.2” 240x320pixel display as it’s a standard for a phone of this size. But you would find it quite crispy, bright and colorful to create really chanting images. It has various navigation buttons like sit on the front of the phone, four way directional pads etc. So, it will allow you to receive and make calls by just navigating the operating system without main keypad access.

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Samsung’s Q2 PMP Coming With 50hrs Battery Time

Samsung is coming up with its new Q2 PMP; Portable Media Player with a unique feature of 50 hours battery time. Amazing aspect of this feature is that it provides complete 50 hours for a playback with a single recharge.

As per the known specification, the display type is QVGA with 320 x 240 resolutions, measuring only about 2.4 inch. It is integrated with a built-in microphone. The Samsung Q2 PMP is also featured with FM radio module. It also provides a great storage area of 8GB to 16GB of flash storage.

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Dell’s One 19 multi-touch studio PC unveils in Japan

Well, with the launch of this new Dell’s multi-touch Studio One 19PC, Japan has succeeded to score another exclusive.

This multi-touch is being named as a real powerhouse for entertainment and you will find it in as many colors as you can imagine and that go nicely with your home décor. When it comes to features and specs, you need not worry about it as it’s quite rich with Core 2 Quad processor, 750GB hard drive, 4GB of memory, 1.3mp webcam, Blu-ray player, and NVIDIA GeForce 9400 graphics.

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