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HTC Touch Viva Review

HTC Touch Viva looks modest and is available at a reasonable price, for those users who are looking for a budget-friendly device. But does it offer satisfaction to users? Here’s taking a closer look:

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Samsung Freeform Review

Samsung Freeform is a stylish mobile phone that ought to appeal to the youth. Targeted towards users who want to primarily use their smartphones to message and make calls, this device has a full QWERTY keyboard. So does it perform basic functions well, or does it fail to do so? Here’s finding out.

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HTC Rhyme Review

HTC Rhyme is a smartphone that has recently been released by HTC. On their website, the Taiwanese giant boasts that HTC Rhyme is the device that ‘fits perfectly with your life.’ Is this really true? Here’s taking a closer look:

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HTC Explorer Review

For those who are keen to use a smartphone but would not like to spend too much on it, the HTC Explorer may be a good option to explore. As a good starting point into the world of smartphones, it is equipped with the Android OS and offers some handy features to users. Here’s taking a closer look:

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HTC HD 7 Review

HTC HD 7, released in 2010, packs in some splendid features in a smart and stylish device. This smartphone takes up from HTC Desire HD and Sprint Evo 4G. Not only is the screen roomy, the operating system is also geared to make customers take note. Here’s the HTC HD 7 unlocked.

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Nokia Lumia 710: First Impressions

A new entrant to the Nokia Windows phone array is the Nokia Lumia 710, a budget option introduced by Nokia. Coming after the Nokia Lumia 800, this device also promises interesting features at an affordable price. But does it live up to expectations? Here’s taking a closer look:

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus: First Impressions

What has been causing a flutter these days is Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a device produced by Samsung carrying the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. This device was officially announced in Hong Kong a few days back. While this smartphone comes with some admirable specifications, it is worth investigating more about this device. A closer look reveals the following:

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HTC Cha Cha Review

HTC Cha Cha has been advertised as the Facebook phone. But does it really provide a good option for social networkers and does it function well on other counts too? Here’s taking a closer look:

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Samsung Admire Review

Samsung has been bringing out a range of smartphones for users and a first look at Samsung Admire, released in September, would give the impression that this is a fairly standard looking smartphone. But what kind of features does it have in store? Is it worth a purchase? Here’s taking a closer look:

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HTC Flyer Review

HTC has been steadily building a reputation for itself, with quality devices stocked with exciting features. With HTC Flyer, the giant has now entered a new market, i.e. the market for selling tablets.

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