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Doodle 4 Google – “If I Could Do Anything, I Would…”

Doodle 4 Google

We are very excited to announce the 3rd annual contest of Doodle 4 Google held in the U.S. Google Doodles, which was designed and planned by the brilliant team of doodlers. They have helped in organizing the event and anniversary starting from Van Gogh’s birthday to Valentine’s Day. From 2008, Doodle 4 Google provided with K-12 Kids the chance to have their own brand identity and can display it on the homepage of Google, for billions of users to get entertain for a day.

This is not only about the winners art to be displayed on the wall, but on the 27th May of 2010, they will also be awarded with a prize money of $15’000 college scholarship, along with a laptop and a $25’000 technology grant for the school.

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Facebook is projecting Titan: A complete Webmail Client

These days, Facebook is working on to launch a new product to their platform, and that is It’s fully optimized Webmail Client. They are re-working on their new messaging product according to the user’s requirement of the future.

Till now, it is reported and named as Project Titan. Off the record- it might be a kick off to the Gmail. Having messaging on Facebook is quite irritating for users since a long time. There is a whole a lot mess always lying in the inboxes that it piles up to hundreds of them, and unable to read them all, and this is the biggest  problem when they just simply deleted.

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Nexus One

There are a much overhauled trends are on, with a number of launches for Smartphones by various companies. But after the emergence of Google! It changed the game and move forwarded with an excellence which is not so easy for others. Though, it was quite earlier before the launch of Nexus One, or the other latest phones. The very new concept of Google Phone has been embedded in the people’s sense of what is right and wrong. It is killing the Open Handset Alliance and especially the Android itself.

The Google is now offering the Android Development phones, The device is powered by Snapdragon, HTC built type look, seen on paper. And it was looking like an ultimate Android Application based handset. It has a great interface with awesome design work and an exemplary organized phone that just make your life easier, and is capable of competing the Apple’s iPhone 3GS and the Droid by Motorola, which are powered by the latest version of Android 2.1.

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Involvement of Nokia in GSM

Nokia was one of the main creators of GSM Technology (Global System for Mobile Communications), the future design technology which can deal with both simultaneously, Voice and Data traffic. Nordic Mobile Telephony was the first in the World who created the Mobile Telephony Standards that made the telecommunication with International Roaming facilities, to have more facilities while using mobile phones.

Nokia was very involved in this movement of the development of GSM technology, which was first operated in 1987. Nokia phones were the first ones who delivered and set up the GSM Network in 1989. The first GSM call was made by Nokia phones on 1st July, 1991.

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Phone Privacy and Ways to Protect

The technology has made a major role in the development of human life and facilitating them. At the same time it has also distorted privacy of individuals from other, when they intend to do so. For security reasons, you do not know when your call is are being recorded by the authorities, or some crooks. Or you might be filmed by the spy cams or audio bugs.

So there are more chances that your privacy is being violating.

By avoiding the un-secured calls, you should check back regularly with the authorized services if you find yourself caught by the mysterious phone calls. You never know what are their intentions, to get rid of this, you should be able to get knowledge about them, so upon telling them their own information. They might go away. To do this, you should be a subscriber to a good service provider in phone number lookup or reverse phone lookup. In this regards, you can access to the private information about that caller

s, what they might have not given in the local white pages. To some extent, and if this matter starts boiling, then you must have a subscription. Important thing to do that is that you should be availing the services of good company, who can respond instantly, securely and keep authentic data.

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2010 Mercedes-Benz C350: A Review

The Mercedez Benz C class is a great lower end Mercedez that is great and perfectly economical to use. If somebody wants to use a lower grade Mercedez and wants to considerably use a car that brings them super economic support then this is indeed a very cool way to invest. The previews and praises for this Mercedez have been really interesting and can bring you great benefits. It is in order of the C300 Sport and C63 AMG, both of which have been reviewed to be great cars according to their characteristic features.

The C350 has been an outstanding example even being a part of the C class routine. There have been options for 3.5 liter V-6 system though it has been questioned previously. The C300 did a perfectly great job with its 3 liter V-6 system and thus the new car is coming with a higher need and upgrading. The saddling of the options have been quite probable with rather lame iPod integration but the rest of the whole new features that make for the fresh, new deal.

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Wii Classic Controller Pro coming Stateside

Wii Remote

In coming April, Monster Hunter Tri and the new Wii Classic Controller Pro will be launched in North America.

Its black version is available in Europe but now both black and white, new Pro having buttons in the upper side of second row with two grips on both side. It has more easily approachable and control options than the original Nintendo and it’ll compatible with more than 450 current Wii, Virtual Console, and WiiWare games. It also plugged into a Wii remote to work.

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 (Bold 2) A Review

Bold 9700

The New Blackberry Bold 9700 has unique stylish high quality features. The main bold change introduced is the shift from the ball sensor to optic track-pad that gives quick navigation with prolonged life. The new launch has literally swept the market by its design and technology advantage. This appealing pocket size phone offers all the solutions the present day busy business man who desires to stay updated and organized. This beautiful sleek gadget provides easy connectivity to internet and the multi media systems with more convenience than before.

The Design and Quality

The Bold 9700 resembles Blackberry’s delicate handset Curve 8900. They both have the same dimensions for a pocket size set. Bold 9700 is well trimmed with thick chrome linings on the front and back and smart thin rails on the sides. The side panels are thin. The black soft plastic used on the different parts, repel finger marks. All the sophisticated mechanism is set into a full leather wrapped black case. The black leather patch on the battery door matches with the rest finish. The great quality outlook presented is of executive style and is all different.

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Helping Computers Understand Language

The invention of the computer was considered the most beneficial in speeding up office work. This has proved its worth. It did off-set employment for some years in the beginning. But later further improvements in the Database and software helped numerous downstream allied branches to create more jobs than …laid off. Today the machines are more versatile and much faster. The software and operating equipment have advanced many folds. Each computer today handles the quantum equal to the old times besides providing more complicated and intricate solutions and facilities. But it still has limitations. It cannot decipher / identifies photos or pictures and objects there in.

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Virgin Media at Crossroad with BT

Virgin Media

BT made an announcement to enhance its new infinity service that will be launched partially in 2010 through the Virgin flagship 50Mbps XXL highest speed service. The package released is at the rate of ÂŁ20 giving a saving of over ÂŁ7 a month. This service comes with an 18 month contract and a connection fee of ÂŁ50. Fully fledged service will be rolled out by 2012. So the BT customers have to wait till then when the service will be extended to 10 million people country wide.

Virgin Media already operates a super fast broadband of 50Mbps speed service. They have responded by offering the UK customers, to consider instant switchover to Virgin Media 50Mbps service instead of waiting till 2012 for BT’s 40Mbps service that is yet to be l


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