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Net Neutrality Is Not FCC’s Business – Or Is It?

The circuit court that handled the controversial Comcast vs FCC case will once again decide on the legality of net neutrality regime. Will it be another loss for the FCC?

The FCC has passed the Open Internet Order last month in hope to create a regime that will bring more transparency to the Internet service industry while ensuring equal access to information and healthy competition. The rule will take effect on November 20, 2011, but it’s not a victory yet for net neutrality advocates. The Order does not necessarily override a 2010 appellate court ruling which prevented the Commission from taking actions against Comcast due to its traffic shaping practices. The FCC failed to convince the Washington District court that it has legal authority to prevent Comcast from throttling the speed of peer-to-peer file transfers. One year has passed and the agency now faces similar legal obstacle from another powerful ISP.

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Motorola Xoom 2 Review

Motorola Xoom 2: What’s in Store?

Speculation is rife about Motorola Xoom2, the device that is expected to give stiff competition to Apple’s iPad 2. Moreover, with Google expected to absorb Motorola, there are great expectations about what Xoom 2 can offer. Photos of this device have been leaked already and users can hardly wait to know more. Here’s a sneak peek of the much awaited device.

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A review of the Samsung Galaxy Note (International and AT&T)

Samsung Galaxy Note (International and AT&T)

Having had time to test out the latest member of the Galaxy “phone” line, I must say my initial impressions of the device are rather good. The first thing you’ll notice about the device or anyone for that matter is its sheer size. This thing is huge, and sports a massive 5.3” screen. This new phone also adds a stylus to the mix.

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4 Epic Tech Startup Fails

So you’re living in New York, looking for a job. Someone suggests finding a tech startup, and you figure it’s worth a shot. Why not? Startups have become a hot destination for employees in recent years. On the East Coast, NYC startups have become one of the top categories of employers. But before you seek out tech startup jobs in NYC, be aware: Not all startups are destined for greatness. For every company like Facebook or Groupon that flourishes with success and makes its employees rich, there are startups that see no success.

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Advantages of Building Your Own Computer

With the basement prices now available, it seems so much easier just to spend under £300 on a laptop or a desktop just to get the job done. However, if you need your machine for a little more than the odd Google search and you have some spare time on your hands, why not try building your own. Here are the main reasons why people choose to:

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HTC Amaze 4G First Impressions

Images of HTC Amaze 4G were leaked online before this smartphone was released. On 26th September 2011, this smartphone was officially announced by T-Mobile at Mobilize 2011. So what does HTC Amaze 4G look like and what does it offer? Here’s a sneak peek for our tech buffs:

HTC Amaze 4G Display

HTC Amaze 4G contains a 4.3inch qHD super LCD touchscreen of 960 x 540 pixel resolution. The screen brightness is expected to be comparable to other smartphones. HTC Amaze 4G looks similar to the Sensation 4G, in terms of its form factor. With curved edges and a recessed front, this device looks sleek and should fit into the palm of the hand easily. The left side of the device houses the microUSB port while the right side contains the volume rocker and the camera keys. The rear of the HTC Amaze 4G has a soft touch at the top and bottom, with a shiny metal portion in between. This smartphone has a solid build and feels sturdy enough. It is available in two colors, black and white.

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Nokia X2-01 Review

In X2-01, Nokia brings together a stylish QWERTY handset that delivers a good messaging and music experience. But does it perform well on other counts too? A closer look reveals the following:

Display and Design

This slate grey device has a plastic feel but feels sturdy enough. The edges of Nokia X2-01 are slightly curved and it is slim enough to fit into the pocket easily. The display consists of a 2.4″ QVGA screen of 320×240 pixel resolution. Images and text look relatively clear and screen visibility outdoors is mostly good. Below the screen is a directional pad in the centre surrounded by call and end keys, two navigation keys and two shortcut keys. X2-01 Nokia shows where priorities lie as one shortcut key is for the Music Player (opening the music library or FM radio) whereas the other is for Messaging (email, text and instant messages). The left side of this device holds the microSD card slot and microUSB port. The VGA camera lens and speaker are found at the back of Nokia X2-01.

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Nokia C5-03 Review

Nokia C5-03 is an option worth considering, for users who are looking for a mid-level Symbian phone. This device belongs to the C-Series, offering good connectivity options to stay in touch. However, it does seem a little backdated in some ways. Is it worth taking home? Here’s finding out.

Design and Quality

Nokia C5-03 has a plastic construction and feels very light in the hand. However, it also feels durable enough. This budget-phone has a black body which can be matched with graphite black or lime green for the textured lower cap. It has a 3.2″ resistive screen. Unfortunately, this screen of 360х640 pixel resolution is not comparable to the touchscreens available nowadays. Taps are not registered accurately on the screen at all times. Further, screen visibility outdoors is a problem. There are three physical keys on the lower portion of Nokia C5-03: Call, End and a key that opens the apps menu.

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HTC Thunderbolt Review

Released in 2011 after much speculation, HTC Thunderbolt seems to be a device that packs in a lot of power in a stylish handset. Offered by Verizon (its first 4G LTE network device), it gives stiff competition to some high-end smartphones. Here’s taking a closer look.

HTC Thunderbolt Release

After a lot of anticipation, HTC Thunderbolt was released on 17th March, 2011.

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Motorola Backflip Review

Motorola Backflip, released in 2010 was AT&T’s first Android phone. Though Motorola entered the Android game late, it is interesting to see if Motorola Backflip is able to live up to user expectations. Does it perform well? Here’s the Motorola Backflip unlocked.

Motorola Backflip Design and Display

Motorola Backflip has an interesting design, literally requiring a backflip to turn the rear-facing QWERTY keyboard around. The uniqueness of this form factor lies in the fact that when the Motorola Backflip is closed, the keyboard is at the back of the device. But when flipped open, it is below the display. Being rectangular with rounded edges, Motorola Backflip can be held easily in the hand. The screen can rest on the sturdy keyboard when listening to music or watching videos. There is also the Backtrack at the back of the display which is a trackpad that helps in navigation.

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