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Shanghai and Beijing to get New Apple Retail Stores

An announcement came from Apple on the 19th of September stating that Apple iPhone 4 will now be available for its customers in China as well. The new iPhone 4 will be available in the APlle Retail Stores all across China from Saturday 25th of September 2010 from 8:00AM, which includes the new Apple Store at the Hong Kong Plaza in Shanghai and Xidan Joy City in Beijing. With a new 2 year contract the iPhone 4 will also be available in the China Unicom retail stores from Saturday.

The dream for video chatting comes to reality with the feature of the app FaceTime which has been included in the new Apple iPhone. It also sports the new stunning Retina display of Apple which is the highest resolution display ever featured on any of the phones till date. The iPhone 4 also sports an inbuilt 5 mega pixel camera having a LED flash which could also be used for video recording. The phone also features the Apple’s A4 processor, 40% longer talk time and a 3-axis gyro. This is the thinnest smartphone available today around the world featuring all new design with glass & stainless steel as cover. It has the newest version of the world’s advanced mobile operating system i.e. iOS 4 which has 100s of new features. Apple’s new revolutionary App Store gives access for more than 250,000 apps which includes the new iMovie specially designed for iPhone 4.

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Google revamped Google Health platform with user-friendly dashboard

Google redesigned ‘Google Health‘, a personal health record (PHR) service with more user-friendly features. The features are more updated, helping users to focus more on wellness and fitness. The PHR service of Google was first time launched about two and a half years ago as a platform for all consumers to organize their health related information such as organizing medical records, feeding the prescriptions data and also the data of immunization and ones health condition.

Since then, Google has always worked to improve the PHR management service more and make it as much user-friendly as possible. Senior product manager of Google, Aaron Brown, said that to make the platform more intuitive, Google had conducted “a complete overhaul of the user interface.”

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Nissan plans packed Light Commercial Vehicles future

Light Commercial Vehicles

With the plans set for attaining the leading manufacturer of light commercial vehicles Nissan has opted for an aggressive new marketing plan. Nissan today is a large manufacturer of LCVs. It promises to deliver 3 new models each year for the year starting from 2011 to 2013.

Nissan is stated to launch a new passenger vehicle having zero emission developed on a battery technology. The vehicle is a newer version of the NV200 and would be premiered at the Hanover Motor Show.

Nissan is also planning to reveal new range of vehicles which they consider to be very important and believe could take them new areas of the LCV market.
The company is very serious and has huge plans to become one of the largest players in the LCV market around the world. The economic crisis globally has hardly impacted the company which has been able to sell more than 500,000 units around the world. The company targets at producing 1 million units annually for the next 5 years. Besides this they have a strong target of making available their light commercial vehicles in 90% of the world markets.

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Wi-Fi Enabled iPads To be available in China From Sept 17

An announcement came from Apple Inc. about the launch of the magical iPad models having Wi-Fi connectivity in China. The iPad models will be available for the customers at the Apple retails stores and some select Apple Authorized Resellers. The new iPad will be available from 17th September from 10:00 a.m.

With this new iPad users would actually be able to connect with apps and contents in a more fun, innovative and simplified manner. This new beauty supports browsing of web, sending and receiving emails, watching HD videos, playing games and many more features which you can think of. This is possible due to the iPad’s revolutionary Multi-Touch UI. These iPad Wi-Fi models are 0.5 inches thick weighing 1.5 pounds. These are thinner and lighter than a laptop or a netbook providing a backup up to 10 hours of battery life or about nine hours for surfing the web.

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Stopping Food Waste For a Better Future

Food waste reduction has become the most essential thing that needs to be spread across in all sections of the society today. Sodexo has taken an initiative in order to build a sense of connection and value to the meal, in order to spread across the primal lesson about not wasting food. This lesson does not seem to be taken by the people in the United States, where mechanisms for valuing food driven by markets are primarily shoddy.

In recent times researchers have found that an average American family throws away 25% of their total purchase of food items which is a quarter of each meal a person has. When valued in monetary terms it is a huge loss.

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Samsung Facinate – Available At Verizon Wireless Network From Today

Samsung Facinate

The Samsung Telecommunications America along with Verizon Wireless has announced that Samsung Fascinate would be available online at Verizon Wireless on September 8th and at the stores of Verizon Wireless Communications on the 9th of September for a price of just $199.99. This price would be offered as a $100 mail in rebate along a new 2 year customer agreement.

Samsung Facinate runs on the Android 2.1 platform. It has the new technology of a Super AMOLED screen with the Samsung’s 1 GHz Cortex, and A8 Hummingbird Application Processor. It features the SWYPE technology along with virtual QWERTY keyboard. Besides these can also go for several other accessories developed specially for this smart phone like:

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Some of the Unit Testing Tools with the Target Language

Unit testing is a term related to computer programming. It is a method in which a single source code unit is tested independently before making them fit for use. The first goal of a unit testing in any application is to take the independent and smallest piece of testable softwre.

A unit is defined as the smallest part that can be tested for an application. Unit may also be a procedure or an individual function in a procedural programming. Programmers usually create unit tests, and sometimes it is also created by white box testers.

In ideal condition, each of the test cases is independent of any other test condition. The substitutes, such as method stubs, fakes, mock objects and test harnesses may be used in assisting any testing module in isolation.

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Looking Back At 2 Years of Google Chrome

Around 2 years back Google Chrome was launched and it’s the 2nd Anniversary of the browser. We would be amazed to know that it has changed so much in such a short time. We know that in the year 2008 Java Script was 10 times slower than what it is today and there was no HTML5 support for the browsers at that time. Its true that all the other browsers have also come a long way in two years which has made the web a much more fun and useful place to be.

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Samsung laptops With Great Designs and Excellent Performance Launched

An announcement came form Samsung Electronics of launching their new series of laptops. The new series will combine the signature style of Samsung providing superior performance to the users whether at home or at office or while moving.

Samsung’s new series of NF series netbooks and their new range of laptops the RF510, SF510, QX410 & RF710 will set up a new standard in innovation to mobile computing.

Samsung’s QX410 laptop is less than one inch thick and is very light. It has an aluminium design with a superior battery backup.

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In-Car Multimedia AV Centre with TomTom navigation Launched in Europe By Sony

Sony’s new in-Car Multimedia AV Centre offers 1st -class AV entertainment with top-quality navigation clubbed with advanced features such as: Superior screen great sound quality and a simplified user interface

  • Includes great live services with sophisticated maps developed by TomTom
  • The two great experts have joined hands for creating the all-mighty product:  XNV-L77BT/ 770BT & XNV-L66BT/ 660BT

As the increase in traffic congestion it has now become very difficult for a person to enjoy the pleasure of driving. But now Sony comes up with its range for Xplod AV centers having navigation which puts the power to the driver by combining its strength & knowledge with TomTom, the leading solution provider for location and navigation.

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