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Sony Corporation Launches Music Unlimited

Sony Music Unlimited

Sony Corporation is already one of the most reputed names in the world of digital music and they have always tried to come out with the best products and services that would take the music experience to the next level. This time Sony Corporation has launched their new digital music service known as Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity for all the music lovers who love to carry their music with them at all time. This cloud based digital music service will provide music lovers with access to millions of songs from major music companies like Universal Music Group and Sony Music. It will also include other major music labels like Warner Music Group and EMI Music. Initially, this cloud based digital music service will have six million songs in their catalogue and they will keep it expanding gradually.

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Apple iPhone 4 – Review

Apple iPhone 4

Apple’s iPhone have always made much noise in the market, thanks to their exquisite features. Every year the company has been in news for launching iPhones. Though the launch of iPhone 4 may not make you go wild, still the phone hosts enough in it which makes it another great product coming out from Apple’s factory. Read below to know more about the latest offering from Apple.

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Guide to Buying a GPS Device

One of the most potent navigation tools of the modern time is the GPS device which provides information regarding location and time anywhere on this earth. It also provides you with information as to where you can get the nearest gas station, stationary store and warn you regarding traffic snarls. There are many types of GPS devices available in the market for you to choose from. The question however is which GPS device you should opt for? Buying a GPS device can be really difficult in the first place. In this article, we are providing you with some tips to buy a GPS device.

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Google’s Green Efforts in 2010

The world is going green with different new technologies and inventions that are designed to make our world a better place in the future. Google has now joined the global green revolution as they understand that it is really important for us as human beings to make an initiative now for our future.

Google is committed to make this world a better place and therefore they have started their own clean energy initiatives. Hence, they decided to start with their own website which is a green website. They have redesigned the Google website to make it greener than any website on the internet. However, they have done much other work to make this world a safer place and here are some of the efforts made by Google in the year 2010.

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Incorporating Technology with Home Decor

Christmas is the time when we love to buy many things for ourselves, for our family and for our home. Millions of people across the globe love to decorate their house with the best gadgets and technology available. However, after they have bought the items they find that the items do not match with the decor of your home or you don’t have the right kind of wires and technology to run that new gadget in your home and that can be really frustrating. Hence, you always need to have some kind of information about the products you are going to buy so that you know if the gadget works perfectly in your home and suits your decor as well.

Duracell and Apartment Therapy’s founder, Maxwell Gillingham Ryan has always been an expert in how to arrange the new gadgets in your house so that they match the decor of your home. Hence, you can always look out for the expert advice that he provides on different websites. If you have just bought a wireless television you can look out for some useful tips provided by him so that you can fit your wireless television perfectly in your living room or in your bedroom wherever you feel comfortable.

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5 Advantages for Businessmen of using iPhone 4

Curious to know about the iPhone advantages and disadvantages for corporate users? Check out 5 advantages for businessmen of using iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 Business Usage

While Blackberry is trying to move past cool suits and shiny shoes and appeal to the fun-loving younger segment, Apple is attempting the other way round. Originally marketed as a device mainly for general multimedia users, the iPhone is now trying to invade the business segment which is still seen as the main Blackberry territory. The iPhone 4, Apple’s latest offering for cell phone users, is said to be a better option for business users. iPhone 4 advantages and disadvantages are too many to list. So we will discuss only 5 of the advantages that the iPhone4 offers to the business section.

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5 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S

Ever since it has been launched in the market, Samsung Galaxy S has been making headlines for its exquisite features. The phone running on Android 2.1 platform boasts of unique design, sleek looks, HD clarity, high internet speed and robust memory. Pundits have already begun seeing this phone as a tough competitor to various other handsets in the smartphone segment, particularly to Apple’s iPhone4.

Apps for Samsung Galaxy S

Though Galaxy S several preloaded apps such as Layer Reality, Write & Go, ThinkFree, yet there are several enticing apps available in the Android market which you will like to have in your Galaxy S. In this article we are listing best 5 applications which you can download in your Samsung Galaxy S, which will make the phone a real treat to use.

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Samsung Galaxy S Review and Specifications

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung has created huge ripples in the smartphone market. Android based Samsung Galaxy S has already started giving other smartphone makers sleepless night and is posing a stiff competition to other smartphones, particularly iPhone4 of Apple.

Of late, there have been talks about smartphones launched by Samsung because of their super AMOLED screen displays and spectacular features.

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S has given another dimension to the usage of smartphones and in this article we are presenting to you the minute details of the phone along with its various specifications which will help you to judge the phone.

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Top 3 Business Wishes for 2011

Business is on everyone’s mind because everybody wants to be Bill Gates in their future, but before you reach there you need to take your first step and that begins with your business wish. As an online search engine provider, Google always wanted to know some of the business wishes that people have for their future and therefore Google’s Small Business Marketing team went ahead to find out some of the biggest business wishes that people have regarding their business. Here are the top 3 business wishes for 2011.

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Watch a Funny Christmas Video by Pepto Bismol

If you haven’t seen the funny Christmas video ad that is doing the rounds for Pepto Bismol, we suggest you get online and catch it. It is the starter video for the many other ads to follow each of which feature Ken Jeong the famous comedian from Hollywood and his stint in the movie Hangover. These ads are not particularly long but very effective when getting their message across.

The agency in question behind this funny Christmas video is Publicis from New York. A quite simple guerrilla ad campaign it is short and effective with every ad that follows the funny Christmas video as the beginner. The idea to capture as much attention with the first ad has been achieved with one the ad format i.e. short and quick and humorous, secondly Ken Jeong’s presence.

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