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HTC HD2 Review

The HTC HD2 brings together the first capacitive touch facility and HTC Sense on a Windows device, making it responsive and quick to follow commands. Moreover, entertainment features are well loaded on this smartphone. But is it on the way to wow customers? Let’s take a closer look.


This smartphone, released in August 2009 looks like a tablet. The box containing this device holds the adapter, microUSB lead, headphones that can also be used as a hands free kit and the phone itself.

HTC HD2 Design and Quality

The HTC HD 2 is dominated by a 4.3″ WVGA capacitive touchscreen that has a resolution of 480х800 pixels. The display on this multitouch device is not only bright and clear; screen visibility outdoors in the sun is also relatively good.

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HTC myTouch 3G Slide Review

Released in 2010 the HTC myTouch 3G Slide is a sleek device on T-Mobile. This mobile phone not only brings together many great features for users, it can also be heavily customized. Along with this, the speedy 3G facilities on this device along with the ability to instantly share files make this a coveted option. Here’s taking a closer look.

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Creating a buzz in the market – Samsung Galaxy Player

Samsung electronics has been in the market for over decades now. It has pioneered the way in improvising the manufacture of electronic equipments. The company has provided its customers with a wide range of products and devices. Its latest innovation the Galaxy player has now been introduced in the market. Does it satisfy the rich quality constraints set by its predecessors? Well after reading this you will know it sure does.

Samsung Galaxy Player

In the list of Android-based devices, a new name has been added in the form a portable Galaxy player. Playing games, enjoying music, cherishing memories and interacting socially was never so comfortable. Have fun surfing the web and at the same time stay connected to your loved ones. All these features in a pocket size dynamite, Samsung Galaxy player.

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HTC Mogul: A Review

The HTC Mogul lives up to its name with fast internet broadband speed, thanks to Sprint’s EV-DO Rev.A network that comes in a stylish device. Plenty of other features are to be found on this Windows Mobile 6 Professional device with added memory that brings improvements from Sprint’s PPC-6700. However, the important question is, does HTC Mogul impress users with design and performance. A closer look reveals the following.

HTC Mogul

HTC Mogul Design, Display and Quality

The HTC Mogul is a slim device with a gray appearance and a textured feel on the back that prevents it from slipping off the hand. While it is larger and heavier than the PPC-6700 it looks deceptively smaller. The display is dominated by a 2.8″ QVGA screen with a resolution of 240х320 pixels. Images and text look bright and clear but visibility outdoors is a problem. Below the screen there are soft touch buttons, the Start Menu shortcut and OK button. They surround a four way navigation toggle. There are also two physical keys, the Talk and End buttons. The buttons have a plastic feel to them and are not too sturdy. The speaker is located at the top of the screen with shortcuts for messaging and the browser on both sides.

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Blackberry Playbook – The ultimate desire

Nothing says ‘corporate’ like a Blackberry handset peeping from your pocket. The choice of every businessman and entrepreneur round the globe, the blackberry phones are a perfect pick for those who love turning heads. The blackberry handsets, by teaching the corporate world to work in style, have created quite a niche, rather an ecosphere in world of telecommunication. And it is in the hope of conquering this consumer ecosphere that RIM (Research in motion) has come up with its latest ‘tablet’, the Blackberry Playbook.

Blackberry Playbook

Blackberry playbook, is operated by the QNX, which is nothing less than the most effective and hardcore operating system that man has ever come up with. QNX has run the jets, and powered the nuclear reactors, and is now here in your playbook, to make sure that you have the experience of a life time operating the tablet. Before we set out ‘reviewing’ whether this Blackberry is a ‘playbook’ or a ‘play boy’ let us get familiar with some of the major features of this handset.

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Samsung Mythic Review

Samsung has been wowing customers with their TouchWiz array of devices and the Samsung Mythic is no exception. This device on AT&T comes with a whole range of added features to live up to its name, among them being mobile TV service. A more detailed look reveals the following.

Samsung Mythic

Samsung Mythic Design and Quality

The Samsung Mythic has a slim appearance, being slightly longer than the other TouchWiz devices. This device looks smooth with silver chrome edges on a plastic exterior. The glossy black look of the phone is complemented by the burgundy look at the back. The 3.3″ touchscreen on this device responds well and the 360 х 640 pixel resolution and 262k colours make images come alive. Though this is not equal to an AMOLED display, it is still bright and sharp enough. Even screen visibility outdoors during the day is good. Below the screen are Send and End keys with a prominent square key in the middle used to go back. While the lock, menu shortcut and camera key is located to the right of the device, the volume rocker is housed at the left of the phone. The microUSB port and 3.5mm headset jack are located at the top of this device. Finally, the back of this device contains the 3.2MP camera lens with LED flash near the top and the speaker phone located lower.

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Unlocking Motorola i1

Motorola i1 running on Android is the first iDEN smartphone that offers push-to-talk facility. This device is available on Sprint Nextel Direct Connect network and Boost Mobile. It offers sturdiness, not only in appearance but also in endurance. But does it live up to the expectations of users? A detailed review reveals the following.

Motorola i1

Motorola i1 Design and Quality

The Motorola i1 looks sturdy and fits well in the hand. This touch tablet has a grey and black appearance, giving it a scratch resistant rugged look. It comes with rubber edges and a hard plastic casing, with a soft touch at the back so that holding it is a pleasure. A 3.1″ capacitive glass touchscreen containing an HVGA resolution of 320х480 pixels dominates the display, making colors some alive with support for 262k colors. Users can adjust the screen brightness and vibration feedback. Under the screen are placed the sensor keys for menu, home, back and speakerphone. Physical buttons include Send and End, with a directional pad in the middle that can be used for navigation. Screen visibility is decent outdoors.

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Go dual the speed with the Dual-Core LG Optimus 2X

LG has established itself as a force to reckon in the market of Smartphones. Innovation has been the best feature of LG handsets. It is no different when it comes to LG Optimus 2X. Hailed as the first dual-core Smartphone in the world, it has some breathtaking functions. A dream Smartphone, LG Optimus 2x has all the ingredients to sustain the hype it has generated in the android based Smartphone arena.

LG Optimus 2X

The dual-core processor present in the LG Optimus 2x Smartphone is designed by the renowned chipset designer firm, NVIDIA. The chipset used is NVIDIA’s Tegra 2. Presence of a dual-core gives this device amazing processing power. We will consider some aspects about this much discussed Smartphone.

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Blackberry 8350i: Review

The Blackberry Curve 8350i on Nextel comes with Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS, though it does not support 3G. The Nextel Direct Connect option on this phone is also an attractive one for users. But does this device impress or does it fall short of doing so? Here’s taking a closer look:

Blackberry 8350i

Blackberry 8350i Design and Quality

The Blackberry 8350i looks like other Curve devices but is larger than the others. This mobile phone has a 2.4″ QVGA sharp display, below which is a trackball and navigation buttons: Talk, End, Menu Shortcut and Back. While the left side of the device has the convenience key (the Direct Connect key that helps in push-to-talk, made prominent by a yellow outline), mini USB port and 2.5mm headset jack, the right side houses the volume rocker and convenience key (or default camera button). The top of this device contains the mute button. At the back of the Blackberry 8350i is the 2.0 MP camera lens and LED flash. This device has smooth edges and a soft touch finish, fitting well into the hand.

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Faster, Sharper and Better – Samsung Galaxy Ace is here!

Threatening to dislodge the other Android based Smartphones in its competition; Samsung Galaxy Ace is here to stay for a long time. It is the latest addition by Samsung to its Smartphone range. This phone carries the hallmark of quality which everyone expects from a Samsung phone. Appearance wise, it does seem that this Smartphone may just be the one you are looking for.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

An Above Average Display and an Excellent Design!

It is very necessary to have a unique and sleek design to make the eyeballs rolling. The screen size is 3.5 inches which is slightly less than the other Smartphones such as a Samsung Galaxy player. A resolution of 320X480 pixels does not sound convincing but the display does appear good. Reading smaller fonts may be a problem, as the screen resolution is low. The display may not be as eye-catching as the others, it is satisfactory nevertheless. Another surprising feature is that, LCD display has been used in place of the traditional AMOLED display.

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