Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

When it comes to touchscreen phones, Apple’s iPhone and some LG and Samsung models have been ruling the roost for quite some time.

We didn’t know what Nokia was waiting for but now after seeing their 5800 XpressMusic phone, which is the first touchscreen handset from Nokia, we have known what the Finns guys looking for. Though it doesn’t have the same polished feel as we have seen in the Apple’s iPhone, feature-wise you may find the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic a lot more impressive than the iPhone.

This 3G smartphone belongs to the Finns’ well-known XpressMusic range and features a high resolution 16m colors touchscreen, 3.2mp camera, a nice web browser with Flash support, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS positioning, FM radio and music player. The Nokia 5800XpressMusic is available in blue, black and red colors.


At first look, it appears something that worth so much wait and just like many other touchscreen handsets, it feels stylish from every aspect. However, the thing that distinguishes it from other available touchphones is its extreme sleekness, as you would find it quite narrower than the Apple’s iPhone. Perhaps, with its 52mm width, the 5800 XpressMusic is the narrowest touchphone available these days. But still the screen looks quite spacious with 640×360 pixels and nice high resolution.

An array of input options has been made available in the device including stylus, finger touch, handwriting recognition, alphanumeric keypad and QWERTY keyboards. It also has a virtual media bar to get quick music controls access. You would also find physical power keys for menus, send, screen lock, volume and end.


When it comes to camera, just 3.2mp can’t be considered a nice mark for some camera phone, but still, the 5800 XpressMusic utilizes Carl Zeiss optics, autofoucs as well as duo LED flash. The video camera is quite impressive and can make video up to 640x480p with 30frames/second. You can also make a video call on 3G with its video camera mounted at front.

Music Player:

The 5800 has a nice music player indeed. You would find touchscreen control a lot easier here and find a great amount of features like 3.5mm headphone jack, graphic equalizer with 8-band and you can stuff more than 2000 MP3 music tracks in its 8GB memory card that has been supplied with the phone. If you music collection grows, it can be upgraded to 16GB. It also has an in-built FM radio.


Aside from high pace 3G HSDPA for quick in a wink downloads, the phone has GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB options for connectivity.

Battery life:

You may know well that big screens have an insatiable thirst for power and secondly touchscreen phones are used somewhat more than the traditional phones and that’s why battery life is a serious issue in such phones. But the 5800 has a nice battery life and seems to do its job for long.

Unique Selling Point

• Feature-wise a lot more impressive than Apple’s iPhone
• The sale package of the 5800 is really generous that includes an 8GB memory card, cables and a stereo headphone
• It’s a touchscreen phone with proven benefits of the 3G

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