Nokia 5730: a nice addition in Nokia Music family

Nokia seems to do some more for music lovers, as the company has decided to extend it’s Music family with some really nice additions in which the 5730 XpressMusic is the real pick of the bunch.

Aside from dedicated and amazingly functional music keys, you would also find the XpressMusic devices with nice slide out QWERTY keyboards.

Some websites have previewed the 5730 during January with their QWERTY dot-matrix style keys for a nice debut.
Undoubtedly, it has been designed especially for music enthusiasts, but with the addition of touch sensitive keys and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

It seems that Nokia wants to keep things going with external storage, as an 8GB card has been given in the box instead of locking it inside that is no doubt a nice touch if you are considering expanding your music or video collection.

The really bad is that it’s 2.4-inch QVGA screen is not touch sensitive and  you will also find a 3.6mbps 3.5G which shows that the phone tipping its hat to top end phone spectrum.

The Finns has also popped a GPS chip it as well along with its well known Nokia Maps that always keep you safe from getting lost.

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