New e-book reader from Amazon

A new e-book reader, named as Kindle 2, has just been unveiled by Amazon. The new version of kindle is quite lighter and thinner and has a better battery life than the previous version which was available in Nov.07.

According to Amazon’s claims, their new model has seven times more memory than the previous version that makes it able to hold more than 1500 titles.

This boosted memory and storage capacity makes kindle somewhat like an iPod to read e-books.  Amazon has also revealed that it’s planning for the availability of these books for download through their electronic form.

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos says about the plan: “We want to make every book available within 60 seconds no matter in which language it is and when it was printed.”

He also told that, where this Kindle version has been placed, it counts for nearly 10 percent of the retailer’s sales.
However, Amazon didn’t explain about it’s availability in other countries besides the US.

Steven Kessels, who is Senior Vice President at Amazon Digital Media, says in this connection, “There is a considerable number of customers from different parts of the world who are requesting for it.”

“Right now, we don’t have any announcement for them, but we would definitely consider that requests,” he added.

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