Most Users’ Rated Best Android Tablets 2010 – 2011

Have to admit, the Android Tablet battle is heating up! With a slew of Tablet PCs based on the Android platform hitting the market one after another, this is an exciting time for computer buyers. Take a look at Users’ Rated Best Android Tablets for 2010 – 2011.

Best Android Tablets for 2011

Ever since the Google baby came into the market, things have never been the same again. Yes, it is the Android OS we are talking about. In the recent months, Android has got better and better and a whole lot of smartphones and computers have been built upon this Google platform. The market is already flooded with a range of Android based tablet computers. And with many tech bigwigs announcing their own Google Android tablets, there is likely to be even more options to buy android tablets in the coming days.

With so many choices available it has become truly tough to decide which one is the best. We have depended on user ratings on various tech sites to know which are the best Android Tablets to buy in the marqee. Here are some of the best android tablet PCs as per users’ ratings.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Users’ rating: 3 ½ stars

Which Tablet PC is giving the Apple iPad a run for money? No prizes for guessing it is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Galaxy Tab comes in two display sizes, a 7 inch and a 10 inch one. It is based on the Android 2.2 Froyo OS. With a 512 MB RAM paired with 32 GB ROM, the sleek device runs on a powerful Cortex A8 1Ghz processor.

The Samsung android tablet sports two high-quality cameras, a 1.3 MP shooter for video-calling in the front and a 3 MP one at the rear. At only 0.8 pounds, it is leaner than the iPod and easier to carry around.

In the US Samsung Galaxy Tablet is available at around $349.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer

Users’ rating: 4/5 stars

An ASUS PC is always a head turner and the Eee Pad keeps up the name of its maker. The tablet is presently available with a 12 inch display though a 10 inch Android tablet is also going to hit the marqee quite soon. Weighing 680 gms, the PC runs on Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the latest Android version. The Eee Pad, like the Galaxy Tab, has two cameras but a more powerful one at the rear. There is a 1.2 MP camera in the front and a 5 MP shooter at the back.

A 512 MB RAM coupled with a 1 GB ROM makes up the internals of the Transformer Google tablet. A power-packed NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor drives the Transformer and comes with dual core support.

This Android Internet Tablet is available at approximately $499 in the US.

Archos 7 Home Tablet

Users’ rating: 3 stars

The Archos 7 Home Tablet is well-priced and sports a 7 inch TFT touchscreen display. At only 388 gms, including the battery, this multi-touch supported device gives ease of portability and runs on Android 2.1.

The Archos Tablet packs in a 128 MB RAM with an 8 GB storage capacity. A 600 MHz ARM 9 processor drives all operations in this Android Tablet 2.1 PC. The price it comes at makes it a steal for most people though the low-cost means you have to overlook lack of powerful features like Bluetooth, video output, Adobe Flash and digital compass.

The US price of this 7 inch android tablet is somewhere around $179.99. If you are looking for cheap android tablets, this one is worth a try.

ViewSonic G Tablet

Users’ rating: 4 stars

ViewSonic G Tablet comes from the house of ViewSonic, the maker of pocket-sized computers like ViewSonic Pocket PC V36 and ViewSonic Pocket PC V37. The ViewSonic G Tablet is obviously bigger than those but, at 700 grams, not too big to reduce ease of portability. The PC has a 10 inch screen and is loaded with a 3650 mAh battery.

A 512 MB RAM paired with a 14.9 GB form the internals of this PC. A 1000 MHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor powers the device. There is a 1.3 MP digital camera here with a 1 X optical zoom.

The price for the ViewSonic G Tablet starts from $389.99 in the U.S.

Advent Vega Tablet

Users’ rating: 3 ½ stars

The Advent Vega Tablet PC is another budget alternative for iPad. This sleek computer runs on Android 2.2 Froyo and sports a 10.1 LCD touchscreen display with a 1024 X 600 pixel resolution.

A 250 NVIDIA T20 Tegra 2 CPU powers the Vega and comes with a 512 MB RAM. There is 4 GB memory card support for increasing storage capacity. There is a lack of 3G capability but that is compensated by the presence of facilities like Bluetooth, USB, HDMI-out, an inbuilt web camera and microphone.

A 2 cell battery drives this device and offers 6 ½ hours of constant video playing or 16 hours of audio playing. The device weighs 700-750 grams and is easy to carry.

The Advent comes approximately at £249.99.

Disgo Tablet 6000

Users’ rating: 3 stars

With a 14.6 mm thickness, the Disgo Tablet is easily portable. The 7 inch touchscreen display makes the device very attractive and the 800 x 480 pixel resolution makes things further enticing.

A 256 MB RAM coupled with 2 GB ROM makes the internals of this device. With microSD memory card support, you can enhance this to up to 32 GB. A 1500 mAh battery powers this tablet PC which runs on 2.1 Android OS and comes with HDMI output, USB ports and WIFI.

The device comes at around £180.00.

These are some of the best android tablets available now in the market. We have compiled this list of best android tablets for 2011 solely based on users’ ratings. Send us your feedback and let us know what you think of our compilation of the best android tablets in the market.

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