LG Manufactures World’s brightest 3D LCD Panel

3D displays are perhaps the hottest issue these days in technology world. These most modern screens are center of everyone’s attention. LG has manufactured a 23 inches LCD full HD 3D display which is being reported as “world’s brightest screen.”

This 3D LCD panel is 23” of size. According to LG, this LCD is twice as bright as other 3D LCD displays. A big claim, isn’t it? Well, we shall surely see how far LG proves true in its claim. According to LG’s website, “The 3D panel employs LG Display’s proprietary technology to realize Full HD images with twice the brightness of conventional 3D LCD panels. The product boasts the world’s highest brightness among 3D displays.”

How has LG attained this high level of brightness? Answer to this lies in the technique the company has used. Elements that generate stereoscopic or 3D images are built into the LCD panel instead of the typical layers system that stays on top of the picture to give it a three dimensional look, reducing brightness resultantly. To our delight, the glasses that would be used with this 3D LCD panel are low priced polarized glasses. This will cut down the total expanses. Usually, much costlier and high spec glasses are needed for using with 3D panels.

LCD full HD 3D display

According to LG Display’s CTO and Executive Vice-President In-Jae Chung, “LG Display will step up development of 3D technologies and products to provide customers and consumers with differentiated value.” This wonderful product will be displayed in Society for Information Displays (SID) 2009 in San Antonio, Texas U.S.A.

Source: techradar

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