First USB 3.0 Certified Motherboard


A Premium was organized for the launch of the First ever Motherboard integrated with a 3.0 USB. Asus is one of the leading market leaders with its strength to turn the concepts into reality and here we have the newest and not ordinary ASUS P6X58D with USB enabled feature.

The launching ceremony was held on the 11th January, in Taipei, Taiwan. The concept was to create a product with full capabilities to multiply the performance, molded into a super machine. Due to this big achievement ASUS is the first one from the entire industry to receive the USB 3.0 Certifications. It delivers 10 times more speed to transfer the data if compared with the previous 2.0 USB model motherboards. And now it is highly expected to be capable enough to transmit huge files and heavy graphic material due to its latest technology.

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Creating Waves with Your Eee PC

Eee PC Seashell

The new waves being brought through Eee PC Seashell Karim Rashid collection, this is all about bringing some of the greater provocation with uncanny abilities along with melding forms of functioning. This is also highly fashionable in the current sense. This is an elegant yet a rather understated netbook. ASUS again proves to be a great meld of the right and appropriate functioning.

This is quite close to high fashion and brings new introductions of the very first class through the higher technological advancements. There are leaps towards bringing the better through machine work. This is easier to access and work with and even brings greater fun. The appeal is to the younger generation and the trends are all updated to the best of advantage. This is going to be a luxury accessory to everyone. There is the commitment to design t

he best of new product lines through this new model.

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ASUS Ranks Bring Quality Innovation in Wall Street

The ASUS ranks are now here to bring qualitative innovations with some of the highest revolutionary passages with Global PC Industry along with new innovations coming with The Wall Street Journal survey.

The latest survey brought attention to some of the most admired company calls. The whole process has been brought with revolutionizing the Global PC Industry. This is going to bring in the Eee PC with the follow up of the ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

The high quality s

ervices are going to bring some incredible innovations with catering to the special needs of the customers. The Taiwanese Corporation with about 2,622 executives has some of the greatest professionals with the new survey, working for it. The Wall Street Journal or WSJ Asia 200 with the full survey about bringing in highest information about some of the most admired Taiwanese companies is all made ready for you with their latest surveys.

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ASUS on its Very 1st TUF Series Motherboard

The very latest motherboard design from SABERTOOTH 55i is quite exceptional with high end utility as well as rather uncompromising stability. There is unmatched durability that can always get it moving forward with innovative features. Today there are many new directions of functions being mentioned when it comes for a new motherboard. SABERTOOTH 55i is being mentioned to have had some of the most important features that ever there were.

There are on-demand components for this motherboard company through which you can choose and pick your designs the way you want them to. The TUF series have made some of the greatest stringent components with high resolution and stability. These high quality motherboards are really hard to get access to through any other way. There are great constructed as well as finely equipped as well as

resilient components tha

t need to be made in specific ways.

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The Latest Asus SeaShell Eee PC

Asus SeaShell Eee PC

The latest models from Eee bring you super slim models of the Seashell range bringing you great looking netbooks that you can get in the UK. The two latest models are the 1005HA and the 1101HA.

These two models are really gorgeous netbooks ready to be carried anywhere that you may like to take. They come with easily replaceable batteries.

The two current models will join the 1008HA model with their lightweight combinations and elegant designs and structure. They come with this gorgeous combination with perfect and befitting technology. This is both stylish as well as portable.

The latest Asus releases also bring the new Eee Docking software. They provide invasive dock system that lets you be guided on your usage across the screen.

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The Brand New Asus Eee PC 1005HA in Blue

Asus Eee PC 1005HA

This sleek and attractive new PC launched through Asus hits the market to make a big splash for sure. The design is amazing and the battery quality is high. It is thicker and heavier in the built as well and the price is on the low end too.

This model is lower on price than most Netbook models and has a well highlighted 6 plus hour battery. The lastest version is very iconic for Eee PC and the intel processor is high with Intel ATOM of 1.66 Ghz. The installed RAM is of extremely satisfying and high quality. This model weighs around 2.8 lbs.

This model has been reviewed by CNet’s editor pick reviews. It represents a radical design of changing battery from the box Eee PCs that were released in the past. This is indeed a high end Netbook that comes with a great price that anyone can afford. It also comes with a long lasting non-removable battery.

The latest revision called 1005HA keeps the design sleek. There is nothing cumbersome about the model. You will not feel heavy with the cover flaps or ports. Adding some traditional support system to your PC will also bring in a lot of help with making it difficult for you to work.

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ASUS Eee Top ET1602


Asus Eee Top ET1602 priced 430 pounds is an exotic beauty to look at, wide touch screen with top quality picture depiction, vibrant color and sharp detailing. The Eee Top tops in technical quality, elegant looks, and sophisticated style, easy to operate interface is just apt for a home PC. Width of the screen is accurate to call it more a home or family fun device.

It features a 15.6″ 16:9 Wide Panel Touch screen monitor, TFT display type, coming with a slim and sleek stand on panel. Unique edge of the Asus Eee Top is the unusual display resolution of 1366 x 768 which is a commonly found feature in LCD TVs.

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