Best Free Android Games that You Must Have

There is no doubt that Android phones are flooding the market and there are more and more buyers who now want to buy it. However, apart from the functionality and productivity features there are many people who want some free entertainment as well for spare time. Hence, there are many people who are always on the hunt for free games for Android phones.

Best Free Android Games

Currently there are many mobile gaming websites that provide you with the best free Android games but only a few games are worth enjoying. Here we take a look at some of the free Android games that you should have on your Android smartphone.

Angry Birds

This is certainly becoming the game of the year 2010 and the craze for this simple game is still not over as there are many websites where you can enjoy the free version of Angry Birds. The game was initially available on the iOS but when it moved on to Android platform it received two million downloads in the first week itself which is quite astonishing for a simple app like Angry Birds. Apart from the download there are many Android smartphone manufacturers who are planning to have Angry Birds in their default list of games for consumer’s convenience.


We all have been playing standard gem shuffling games from quite a time now and this game is no different if you love to play such games. Bebbled looks like a simple game that you have played million times but it might soon surprise you as you go up the level. You need to drop the gems at the right position to blast the larger group of similar color gems but with so many scenarios you might often run out of time and stick to concentrating on it.

The Red Stone

There are some gamers who don’t like playing simple games because they enjoy playing complicated games that can give them some brain exercise. If you are such a player than The Red Stone is your cup of tea. The game in very tough and it will take you a lot of attempts to win the game initially. The game is about shuffling heavy blocks in such a way that the King can get a way out at the exit. Although it looks simple and easy it can really take a lot of practice to win the game.


Drop is the right app or a game that you should have on your smartphone or cell phone that has motion sensing technology. Many people are really amazed at the way Drop works because it not only helps you to concentrate on the ball that is falling down but also helps you to check your mobile accelerometer. Hence, throughout the game you will need to tilt your mobile phone so that the balls fall between the gaps in the platforms.

Frozen Bubble

While some gamers enjoy going for tough mental games others prefer to keep their games simple and plain. The Frozen Bubble is a regular shooting game that you might have played during your childhood days. The only thing good about this game is the overall interface of the game. You can quickly blow away the cluster of frozen bubbles on the ceilings by making sure that you hit the right color bubble at the right spot. The only thing you need to play this game is accurate aim and some quick finger movements the rest happens on its own.

Replica Island

If you enjoy doing lot of activities when you are playing your game then go for Replica Island. The Replica Island is simple where you become the main character of the game and go on a mission where you need to do more than just winning the game. The character has to bounce on different levels and changing positions and directions depending on the situation. On the other hand, the character also has to collect some of the items to keep the score ticking and to win the game.


We have been playing this game for more than two to three decades and still you can find players who simply adore this simple game. The Tetris is an Android game that you can find for free on the internet. There is nothing much to explain about this game where you need to slot the bricks in the right way to keep the wall down. If you don’t do that you will find the bricks building up and eventually taking away all that you have won.

Open Sudoku

Apart from Angry Birds, this mathematical Japanese game is also becoming hot favorite for gamers who love to play with numbers. The Open Sudoku Android game is available for download at various free mobile gaming websites. There are new puzzles and new challenges for those who want to enjoy a fresh new level of mathematical tension.

Word Drop

If you are interested in playing with words here is your chance to stay busy. The Word Drop game is for people who are always looking for a word based challenge on their cell phones. You have to spell out different words from the blocks and the moment you make words those blocks disappear and new blocks fall in. This game is similarly like gem shuffling game but here the players have to deal with letters instead.

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    Here is a list from my experience, Hope you will njoy

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    Hey, I found the bests here.

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