8 Best Android Tablets

A lot of anticipation and enthusiasm greeted the launch of the Apple iPad. It was supposed to be the ultimate device that made computing easier than never before. Trust science to make you never say never again. Within months of the iPad launch, a number of tablet computers have hit the market. Based on the Android platform, these are expected to take your computing beyond the iPad experience. Check out the 8 best Android tablets available today.

Best Android Tablets

Apple has barely released its iPad but a host of other players have already jumped onto the tablet bandwagon to make a quick killing. Some of these tablet pcs and tablet laptops have just arrived in the market while others have only been announced. We have tried to focus on 8 new tablet pcs that are supposedly going to be the best tablet pcs of the coming year. Go through these android tablet reviews and take your pick.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

It is being seen as the first major competitor of the Apple iPad. Based on the Samsung Galaxy S, the Galaxy Tab sports a 7 inch screen and can rightly be said to be a mini tablet pc. The glossy display is powered by the Super AMOLED technology which means you get a bright, free of glares screen. We loved the screen every bit as we did like its lean appearance. At only 0.8 pounds, it puts the 1.5 pound iPad to shame. The stunning black tablet comes with a 1.3 MP camera at the front and a rear 3 MP camera. The tablet runs on Android 2.2 OS which is very good though it can be flakey sometimes.

You get a 16 GB on-board memory which can be expanded to double capacity with microSD cards. A robust Cortex A8 1Ghz processor powers the device and makes operations very fast. There is an attractive voice call feature that you will not find in the iPad. Samsung really brings phone into the PC.

There are a couple of minuses though. We tested the 4000 mAH battery power and found it supported only 7 hours of constant movie playing. The Apple guys can rest a little. The iPad gives 10 hours of continuous video playback.

Another con is the price. Without SIM, the device costs around 700 Euros.

The iPad is available at about 499 dollars in the USA.


Dell Streak

Talk about mini Tablet pcs and you cannot ignore the Dell Streak tablet. Offering a mini 5 inch capacitive touchscreen display, the Streak looks like a very large smartphone and can fit into your cargo pants. The PC, in fact, seems very much like the Streak Android cell phone which also has a 5 inch LCD screen. If you like your computers big, you might have an issue with the small-sized Dell Streak. But if portability is what you also want, this is your thing. As a computer it might be small, but it is easy to carry around and we liked the small Streak immensely. Small is the new BIG, you can see! Streak scores over the iPad with its sheer size!

Equipped with a powerful 1 Ghz processor, the tablet runs on Google Android which makes for decent computing. Connectivity is optimum in this power baby with 3G, Wifi and GPS on offer.

The solid capabilities include a camera, large spaced out onscreen keyboard, HDMI port and quick web surfing. We had a gala time reading e-books on the Streak. The small screen means you can watch videos privately. Watching movies is a great pleasure with the sharp Streak display quality.

On the downside, your fingerprints are left on the display and you have to clean it from time to time. Though, that is true for most tablet touchscreens.
The price is nice. It costs around $550, which is greater than what iPad is available at, but still a good price we would say. It is available for $300 from Dell with a 2 year AT&T service contract.

You may also choose a non-contract buy and get the Streak at $550.


EZ Style Pad 100

The battle for being the best tablet computer is not only among a few handfuls, if so you thought. The number of competitors is growing by the minute and the EZ Style Pad 100 proves it. The device has only been announced but it is worth taking a look at the gadget which may just emerge a dark horse for some of its notable features.

Like the Galaxy Tab, the Style Pad offers a 7” screen though Super AMOLED is not at work here. The display is of the resistive multi-touch variety and boasts of a sharp 800 X 480 WVGA resolution. An ARM 11+256MB DDR processor powers the pc. The 2GB internal memory can be expanded to 32GB, which is just great.

One of the highlights of the Style Pad lies in its ability to support 3G Dongles through USB port. The 300 mAh battery offers 10 hrs of standby time which means continuous movie playing would exhaust it in 3 ½ hours. That is a lot less than the Apple iPad though perfectly alright if you consider its price.
The stylish device is said to be priced at 399 dollars but it may be available at $299 only. It can be an underdog and emerge as one of the best tablets of 2011.


Asus Eee Tablet

Think of cheap android tablets and the name of Asus will come to your mind. After computer tablet pc is the focus of the Asus. The new Eee Tablet from Asus is set to be a killer Tablet PC. Gadget aficionados will remember this stylish device being showcased in Computex 2010 in June and that is where we first saw it too.

This new Asus baby looks a cross between a notebook and a big e-book reader. Sporting a magnificent 8 inch 1024 X 768 pixel display, it is bigger than most tablets out there. The 2,450 dpi touchscreen display lets you turn pages at an awesome 0.1 sec and is supposed to be Asus’ answer to the Kindle and Nook e-book readers. But e-book reading is not the only focus of this pretty device which also lets you take notes and browse the internet.

The minuses include a relatively slow monochrome LCD, low camera quality and a non-real time handwriting capture system.

The Eee Tablet is supposed to arrive in the first quarter of 2011. The Asus makers are hoping to price it somewhere around $300. The low price tag is sure to make it a great hit with students.



The MID706 is often called an EPad clone. True, it is similar to the EPad in some ways but it has its individualities as well.

The first look at the MID706 impressed us quiet a bit. The 7 inch touchscreen display is good and is not a magnet for fingerprints. But the display quality is not very bright and though that may be good for the eyes you may have some issues while watching videos.

Connectivity is cool in the Google Android based 706 with Wifi 802.11 b/g and LAN 10/100M Ethernet Access powering it. The 2400 mAH battery makes it work only for 2 hours which is obviously its negative point.

At 0.37 kg, it is a lean machine and easy to carry around. The memory capability is 256 MB which is expandable to 8 GB.

The MID706 has been around for some months now. But its availability may vary depending on where you live.

This tablet laptop is priced at $125.

That probably makes it the cheapest tablet pc of the season. It will supposedly bring down tablet pc prices with one stroke. The low price will give the MID706 an edge in any tablet comparison.


CSL DroidPad Tablet

The Malaysia based gadget-maker CSL has come with all guns blazing with its own Android tablet. Known as the DroidPad Spice MI700, CSL’s tablet boasts a sharp 7 inch multi-touch 800 X 480 pixel display. The connectivity features are solid and there is 3G, WiFi and GPS along with GSM and Bluetooth support.

The device is loaded with a 512 MB RAM. The memory can be expanded to up to 32 GB with memory cards.

The Spice DroidPad offers all PC functionalities. You can use it to play music and videos, view photos, play games and read e-books. A 3MP camera makes the device complete.

The machine is loaded with a range of applications like Blueberry Messenger, CSL Fun Club and S-Unno. Followers of Islam can enjoy applications like Azan Alarm and Kiblat Kompas.

There is 3G, Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi support. The Android 2.2 OS gives you fast browsing capabilities. A robust Qualcomm MSM7227 chip powers the DroidPad.

The minus point of the device is the usual suspect, battery backup. At around the same price range as the iPad, the battery life should have been more than 6 hours that its 3240 mAh Li-Pol battery offers.

It is priced at about $518.


Compal Android Tablet

Technically a polished product, the Compal tablet pc can be one of the best tablet notebooks for you. It features a 7 inch touch-sensitive display and capacitive side touch buttons. We saw this in the Netbook Summit in San Francisco and liked its sharp display.

The device is supposedly powered by an ARM Cortex-A9 processor. There will also be Flash Integration and Open GL 2.0. The machine sports a 3.5 mm audio jack, SD card slot and HDMI slot. There is a 12 MP camera that lets you capture 1080 p videos.

Compal Tablet runs on Google Android 2.1 and the demonstration showed it to be fast enough.

The price of Compal tablet is expected to be around $300.


ViewSonic ViewPad 10

This 10 inch device sports a 7 inch sharp display with a 1024 X 600 pixel resolution. It is possibly going to be one of the best Android tablets in the near future.

The biggie comes with a 16 GB storage capacity that can be expanded to up to 32 GB with microSD cards. There is Bluetooth, Assisted-GPS and Wifi for connectivity.

The highlight of the model is its dual boot feature. This lets you run the PC in Windows 7 Home Premium or Android 1.6 whenever you like. The boot feature is not very polished and yet and the ViewPad makers are working on it.

There is a 1.3 MP camera at the front that lets users shoot quality images.
The downside of this baby is its 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N455 processor that is not as fast as the iPad or the Galaxy Tab. But it works fast enough and if you do not run any programs simultaneously, the experience can be quiet satisfactory.

The Viewpad 100 is available for about $845.


So these are the 8 best Android Tablets of the recent months. Whether or not they can knock the iPad off the perch remains to be seen. But their solid looks and functionalities can just make them worth rooting for. And if you are looking for something other than the iPad, these can be great options for you. Send in your feedbacks and let us know what you think of our compilation.

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