5 Advantages for Businessmen of using iPhone 4

Curious to know about the iPhone advantages and disadvantages for corporate users? Check out 5 advantages for businessmen of using iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 Business Usage

While Blackberry is trying to move past cool suits and shiny shoes and appeal to the fun-loving younger segment, Apple is attempting the other way round. Originally marketed as a device mainly for general multimedia users, the iPhone is now trying to invade the business segment which is still seen as the main Blackberry territory. The iPhone 4, Apple’s latest offering for cell phone users, is said to be a better option for business users. iPhone 4 advantages and disadvantages are too many to list. So we will discuss only 5 of the advantages that the iPhone4 offers to the business section.

iPhone 4 Mail

Smartphones are not only for talks, SMS or MMS. It is also a handy tool for sending and receiving emails. Mail exchange is one of the greatest advantages of iPhone. iPhone4 has awesome mailing capabilities. Setting up a mail account is very easy in iPhone4. Once the account has been created, business users can exchange emails very easily. No matter where you go, there is no question of missing out on important reports and updates any more.

iPhone 4 Browser

The iPhone4 is also loaded with Safari, said to be the world’s fastest browser. If your business involves internet surfing more often, this is going to come handy. Web pages load fast and come perfectly optimized for mobile devices with the Safari browser. It can access and display corporate intranets very securely over the iPhone4. This allows you to view your business resources with the utmost safety.

iPhone 4 Intelligent Call Facility

The iPhone4 takes calling to another level with its intelligent dialling option. If you have a giant phonebook consisting of hundreds of entries, you need not scan through them all to find a contact number. Just mention the name or contact number of the person you are searching for and the phone will automatically call him or her. If you are simply looking for the number and do not want to make a call, there is also the Spotlight search feature that you can make use of. Great options for busy business people who want things fast and easy.

iPhone 4 Connectivity

The iPhone4 comes with a range of functionalities that extend appropriate features to business users. You can have a video conference with your colleagues and employees at the same time. There is also the provision to view all your accounts in a single inbox. You can switch between accounts very quickly and see threaded messages by viewing the subject line.

iPhone 4 Applications

As more and more business users are taking up iPhone for their daily use, a wide variety of business applications are also being released into the Apple apps store. Softwares like Oracle Business Indicators, Analytics App, SiteCatalyst, Workday, QlikView, InerTrak and Roambi make work easier for business users by providing them with diverse functions. These include safe access of business information, reviewing management processes, creating and viewing reports, monitoring sales figures, tracking business performance and more. All the apps can be organized and easily accessed with just a single tap. You can also create a stable custom application for your own business use. The wireless app distribution also lets users host and distribute in-house applications to iPhones through WiFi and 3G.

These are the main 5 advantages for businessmen of using iPhone4. In recent months iPhone 4 business usage has rapidly increased thanks to its powerful features. If you are a corporate user and looking for a smartphone with excellent business features, the iPhone 4 can just be the device to fit into your pocket.

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7 Responses to 5 Advantages for Businessmen of using iPhone 4

  1. diablo December 21, 2010 at 4:08 pm #

    Dumb! Looks like the person is paid by Apple to write these comments. Literally every other smartphone in today’s market does these as a basic functionality.

  2. MattPSU December 21, 2010 at 4:36 pm #

    Not a good article. Other smart phones already do almost all of this.

    I have the iphone 4 and it is an AWFUL business tool. It is an AMAZING device but an AWFUL phone. It is soooo easy to drop a call if your chin bumps the “end call” button, I do it all the time and it is embarrassing. Then there is the antenna dropped call issue everyone knows about. Also the bluetooth connectivity on this phone is not good. Bluetooth devices just don’t sound right on this phone. Google “iphone bluetooth issue” and see what I’m talking about. As for the email, it is NOT secure like blackberry, so it is not appropriate for true business use if you are in any position of power at your company. All in all this is a great device for personal use but just not a good business device at all.

  3. Mhlubeck December 21, 2010 at 10:34 pm #

    All very nice but service in my area is not avalable… you and provider don’t seem to care about any areas except the high density ones… all about money not service and people’s needs. Shame on the system of service to big hubs and nothing for the rural areas of America.

  4. Anonymous December 22, 2010 at 7:30 am #

    Apps for the iPhone have made these mobile devices a lot more useful. There are a lot of business apps you may not even be aware of, like electronic signature software. A businessman is now able to communicate and make deals with his partners and clients even if he is on the go using this application.

  5. Robert December 22, 2010 at 3:08 am #

    these are all the same reasons I use an unlocked/jailbroken iPhone 1, for business, already.

  6. OT January 4, 2011 at 4:24 am #

    Okay, first, how many did Apple pay you to write that article? Every BlackBerry, can do almost all that, and even most HTCs can.
    Secondly, the iPhone is not a good tool for business. My father’s company switched from BlackBerry to iPhone 4, and in one month, they were back to BlackBerry, with the new Curve 3G, Bold 9780 (majority) and Torch 9800. The iPhone, is a pretty sleek device but it’s not as productive as a BB is. There’s no real multitasking! My dad gave me his ex-iPhone 4 once he got his new Torch 9800, and I hated my iPhone, and I’m a kid just going to college. It lasted a week with me until I got back my Bold 9700, much better, real multi-tasking and the great feel of an actual keyboard to type on. Not to mention the better e-mail portability and the now better interner browsing quality on BlackBerry handhelds.
    BBs are just better, iPhones aren’t for business even if many people mistake them as being for business.
    Also, BlackBerry has a wide variety of styles of phones so you can choose the ones you like better: the Tour, the Pearl (personaly, I hate it), the Curve, the Bold (Curve and Bold are the best in my opinion), and for touch-screen lovers you have the Storm, and the new Torch (which also features a slide keyboard). Plus if you like flip phones, you can get the BlackBerry Oxford (or BlackBerry Style).
    Bottom line is: BlackBerry means productivity, iPhone means fun and play. Get a BlackBerry and if you really feel the need, an iTouch.

  7. Cristiano Fernandez April 15, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

    They should start producing iphones on different colors, just like the iPods.

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