10 Ever Best Green Gadgets

In the age of science and technology where man has evolved devices which has reduced human effort, many gadgets have proved extremely harmful for the environment. With experts and world leaders expressing concerns about the degrading environment, focus has been on the development of green gadgets.

Best Green Gadgets

The importance of green can be understood from the fact that companies engaged in manufacturing different types of gadgets are using environment friendly elements to fabricate environment friendly devices. Increased awareness has led to demand for green products and government of several countries across the world is asking manufacturers to roll out green products.

There are several gadgets available in the world which can be classified as green gadgets, but in this article we are trying to list 10 ever best green gadgets which have played an important role in saving the environment as well as reduce human work load.

1. Calculator:

There will be very few people in this world who will be unaware of this device. Ever since the dawn of civilization mankind has been busy in conceiving a device which would give mathematical results in a split of a second. Right from abacus to mechanical adding machines to modern calculators, the devices have been eco friendly.

Most of the calculators derive its power from electronic battery or from solar cell and have served humans since generations. The size of calculator gradually decreased and by 1980s, their price also came down to a great extent. Today calculators have become common in mathematics class and allowed in even during exams.

2. Torch:

Just like calculator, torch is another device which has played an important role in reducing harmful emissions in the environment. Extremely useful during load shedding, torch has been serving humans since decades. The earliest torch used just 2 batteries to derive power. However, modern day torch use LEDs for illumination and produce a powerful beam of light. Today most of the torches are accompanied by a lantern thereby giving you the option to use whatever you like.

3. Watches:

Perhaps one the most significant inventions by human is watch. Earlier, by seeing the position of the sun and one’s shadow an approximate estimation was made as to what can be the time. But with the invention of watch, one could easily say about the time. Watch uses a simple battery and the accessories used in its manufacturing are quite eco-friendly. One of the most eco-friendly watches made is the Sprout watch. There is nothing high-tech about the watch and just like any other watch it tells the time. The watch is available in various sizes and colors and is free from lead and other harmful materials.

4. Solar Power Wireless Keyboard:

Keyboards form an integral part of computers. For years, keyboards have been made of materials which were not environment friendly. But, Logitech changed that all. The company has designed a keyboard which is not only environment friendly, but also relieves you from wires. The keyboard comes with a band of photovoltaic panel which allows you to charge it either by indoor or outdoor light sources. The keyboard is the world’s first solar powered keyboard and is surely one the most eco-friendly gadgets to be discovered by mankind.

5. Wood Headphones by Thinksound:

There are thousands of music lovers in the world and if you happen to be one among them, then this headphone will surely woo you. Apart from enriching your music experience, the headphone is totally recyclable and is totally PVC free thereby making it one of the top evergreen gadgets ever to be made.

6. Room Thermometer and Hot Water Temp Monitors:

These monitors help you to measure the temperature of room and water. The monitors have passed the test of energy saving trust and the display of the monitor shows the temperature of the room and water coming out from taps. The monitors have been made out of environment friendly materials, thereby reducing carbon footprints.

7. Solar Chargers:

Solar chargers are one of the most sought after devices, especially by people who love to travel. These chargers use solar panels which use sunlight to charge cell phones, iPods and other rechargeable devices. Another hallmark of these chargers is that they are extremely light weight and are easily portable. Since these chargers use natural sunlight to charge devices, they are indeed one of all time green gadgets to be manufactured.

8. EcoBook Computer by Asus:

Sounds strange, but true. Computers have never been considered as green gadget. But with Asus launching its ecobook computers made of bamboo, even the severest critic who believed computers to be an environment hazard was astonished. The notebook from ASUS has recyclable plastic without any paints or sprays. The notebook even does not have electroplating on its components and is undoubtedly one of the most environment friendly computers you can find in the market.

9. Vexia EcoNav GPS Device:

GPS device have been in great demand worldwide because of their exceptional navigation qualities. But these devices are also known for harmful emissions. But the Vexia EcoNav GPS device is one of the most environment friendly GPS devices available in the market as this device is equipped with technology that reduces harmful emissions.

10. Eco Cube Speakers:

The eco cube speakers provide entertainment and at the same time ensure that there are no environment hazards. 70% of the materials used in the speakers are made up of recycled materials and you will not find batteries in these speakers since they are powered by MP3 player. If you have a device which has a 3.5 mm speaker jack, then you can easily use this eco cube speakers to entertain yourself.

With the society growing conscious about degrading environment, more and more eco- friendly devices are coming up in the market.  These environment friendly products not only entertain you but also ensure that your next generation is able to enjoy the splendor of this beautiful planet, we call Earth.

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2 Responses to 10 Ever Best Green Gadgets

  1. AbhayaMedia H2O Magazine December 15, 2010 at 10:29 am #

    Interesting green products, indeed.

  2. solar toys-Lagi.Plan February 12, 2011 at 3:37 am #

    The wireless solar keyboard Κ750 from Logitech is a very important ecological innovation showing a likely future trend. Its ergonomic design and its small thickness are also two important features.

    It supports all the known Windows versions (XP, VISTA, 7).
    Obviously, it does’nt support Bluetooth technology.

    Is operation is based on a small rechargable battery which is included in the keyboard and charged through the solar panels of the keyboard, even with an internal room or desk light.

    We look forward to seeing similar products from other companies, as well as its price fall!

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