10 Best Free Apps for Nokia N8

The launch of Nokia N8 has unleashed the release of a barrage of Nokia N8 games and apps from mobile application developers around the world. We have drawn up a list of the 10 best free apps for Nokia N8 users. If you are a Nokia N8 user, you must take a look at these wonderful mobile phone applications that you can boost your phone with.

Best Free Apps for Nokia N8

The new Nokia N8 has become a talking point of the season. With its cool looks and features, excellent build quality and brilliant performance, the Nokia N8 has been its Finnish maker’s better releases this year. As with many other Nokia cell phones, there are many Nokia N8 apps and games that you can download to make your set more powerful. Check out some of the best Nokia N8 apps downloadable for free and with a price.


A terrific application to bring your social networking sites and updates to you in a snap! Whether you want latest news headlines or weather reports or updates for your games, Snaptu is the app you can rely on. The powerful software lets you quickly access social sites like Twitter or Facebook so that you can always stay connected with your friends and loved ones.

Snaptu is one of the top Nokia N8 apps free downloadable


Minutes tick by as you try to get Wi-Fi access on your mobile. Not anymore! With the HandyWi installed on your Nokia N8, you can create a mobile hotspot anytime and anywhere you want. This extremely useful software allows establishing a Wi-Fi connection within a few seconds. This is a very handy application for all those who need to surf the net on the go!
One of the best free Nokia apps on the net,

HandyWi is available at Download HandyWi

Nokia Battery Monitor

This highly useful application monitors the battery usage for Nokia devices. The app has been segregated into three tabs , Statistics, Info and Estimates that show you the amount of battery power left on your Nokia handset and an estimation of how long it is going to last. You can also get ideas on how to control your N8 battery life.

It is one of the best free mobile apps to have recently arrived at the Ovi Nokia App Store.

You can download it from Ovi.

Battery Extender Life

If Nokia Battery Monitor gives you an idea, this wonderful application actually lets you extend your battery time. About 1.5 million mobile users are already said to have this application. The software can boost your phone battery life by as much as 30%. Considering the amount of social networking the N8 entices you to indulge in, you are surely going to need this app.

It is one of the free phone apps for N8 that you can fetch from Battery Extender.


This assistive utility lets you input data just by sliding your fingers on the display keyboard rather than actually pressing the buttons. This makes your typing much quicker and after a little bit of usage, you will really love typing with this app. It is a perfect addition for Nokia N8 as well as other smartphones with touchscreen keyboard.

Till recently, the Swype was only available for the Nokia C7, Now it is also available for N8.

You can get this freeware from Brothersoft

Opera Mobile 10

Possibly the best mobile browser, Opera has made surfing speedier and more convenient for users. The Opera Mobile 10 comes with the customary tabbed browsing, speed dial, password manager and special touch-screen optimization. It offers twice the speed of previous Opera mobile versions. The Opera Turbo feature is intact, and the unique compression technology saves your time as well as network charges.

Download the application from Ovi

CNN Video

Hate missing out news headlines. Then install this effective application and watch news clips from CNN international on your cell phone. You can choose to watch news from different sections on your Nokia N8 mobile and remain up to date.

You can get this useful app from Free Video Zilla

OVI Maps

Finding your way has just gone easier with OVI Maps. The application features voice-based navigation and shows directions with maps. The software also extends support to offline maps that can be used even without internet connection. It also shows you information related to events and weather for free, even though operator data charges are applicable. OVI Maps also brings travel guides from Michelin and Lonely Planet alive on your mobile.

Download the software from maps.nokia.


Most major mobile carriers are slashing their rates but if you want to save further on international calls and SMS messages, you must get the Vopium app into your N8. This terrific utility offers you to make free worldwide calls for 15 minutes on a trial basis. If you are impressed, you can buy it and save about 90% on your international SMS and calls.

Get the utility from vopium

Mobile Documents

This handy push mail application has won awards and hearts alike. With this small baby in your device, sending, receiving and opening heavy attachments is not a problem anymore. The app extends support to various image formats as well as PDF, DOC and PPT files which is very useful for students and business users. The app is friendly with Gmail, Yahoo, GMX, IMAP and many more.

You can download Mobile Documents

So there are the 10 best free apps for Nokia N8. Send us your feedback and let us know if you feel we have missed out some other important free mobile phone apps that should have been there.

Download HandyWi

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